1. A

    Vista 64bit beats WIN7 64bit

    Vista 64bit beats WIN7 64bit in overall performance test from PC Format. SOurce Pc format July 09 Who has read the article, and what are your thoughts?
  2. D

    Set up VPN on Vista with Netgear DG834G Router

    I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to VPN, port forwarding, tunnels etc. I am however trying to find out how I can set up a VPN connection to my Windows Vista computer at home - Ideally, I need to allow multiple simultaneous connections to the "server". The reason I need to...
  3. S

    HP Vista/Win7 laptop

  4. M

    Restoring Vista bootloader

    How do I do this?
  5. genetic

    Vista Aero disables itself automatically

    I'm sure this happens to most people running Vista with the Aero theme enabled... When I run certain applications in Vista with the Aero theme enabled, Windows will automatically disable the Aero theme whilst the application is open and switch to the basic theme. When I close the program, Vista...
  6. R

    Moving to Vista

    OKay here goes, just moved to Vista from XP, and am having to re-adapt to a new working environment. Anyway, getting some issues that I need help with, here are a couple: 1- My working practice was to enable the desktop toolbar, and detach it from the lower area next to the taskbar, and place...
  7. R

    Windows Vista and BitTorrent

    Hi There Guys! I have a "mate" who uses bittorrent on his laptop with Windows Vista Home and what happens is when he opens bittorrent and then closes it after 5 minutes he cannot open any websites but he is able to ping any website and websites only opens after restarting the laptop. I...
  8. T

    MTN/Vista/Nokia E90 issues

    A strange issue for the clever people on here: :D The setup: partitioned hdd XP Pro on one side, fully up to date. Vista Ultimate on the other partition, also fully up to date. Using Nokia E90 which has built in HSDPA up to 3.6megs/sec. Phone software up to date and latest Nokia PC suite...
  9. A

    Vista wants to format my USB sticks

    I have a desktop machine running Vista SP1 and it used to read my USB flash drives with no problem. I used them on both the Vista machine and my laptop running XP Home. Recently I tried to read my USB stick on my Vista machine and it told me I need to format the drive but that same stick opened...
  10. M

    Connecting my old Emac to new Laptop

    Hi Guys, Please forgive me if this sounds stupid. I have two old emacs which has over 100 gigs combined data. I connect my mac successfully with a crossover ethernet cable. I need to connect my emac/s to the laptop to backup my data but I cannot connect to my pc. I get an error...
  11. P

    Ubuntu Wipes Windows 7 in benchmarks
  12. genetic

    CPU usage very high

    I've noticed during the past couple of days that my pc has been very slow. When opening a number of tabs in firefox, the system becomes sluggish. The mouse will even freeze at times. I have noticed that there is high CPU usage when the system is idle (ranges from 20% to 80% usage). I've...
  13. M

    Windows Vista Problem

    Hi all Hoping you can help me here, this is my problem I wanted to find all the pictures that were on my laptop so I decided to start a search for all my pictures. I placed a dot in the search box so that all picture files can be displayed and it started displaying files that I had...
  14. LazyLion

    Migrating Firefox from XP to Vista or Windows 7

    When you have your Firefox set up the way you want with all your extensions, bookmarks, saved passwords, etc. You might want to migrate that same setup to other computers. Disclaimer: This isn't what's recommended by Mozilla, it's just what worked for me. * Install Firefox on Vista or Windows...
  15. LazyLion

    Windows 7 - THIS IS RIDICULOUS! (Review) So... do you think Microsoft is paying a bunch of people to put a positive spin on Windows 7 to counter the negative press that Vista got on release? I wouldn't put it past them... but... if this is true it sounds like they might...
  16. V

    Vista windows mail

    hi! im currently using my vodacom phone to connect to the internet on my laptop, while im waiting for my adsl to be installed. im trying to connect my emails using windows mail. i have entered the correct passwords etc, but it gives me a pop up "logon to". if i enter the...
  17. LazyLion

    How to enable more than 3Gb of RAM in Vista 32 bit?

    Have not tried this myself but... here goes... maybe someone can confirm for us...
  18. M

    Added more RAM

    I have added an extra 4GB of memory to my system yesturday bringing the total to 6GB. The diffirence is unbelievable! Now only to upgrade my 2x1GB modules with 2x2GB to bring the total to 8GB :D Vista x64 with 6GB of memory... its really really really good!
  19. APoc184

    MTN 3G way slower on Vista

    Has anybody else experienced slower speeds on their 3G with Windows Vista? When I used it on XP it downloaded and uploaded @ good speeds, but ever since I've been using it on my new laptop with Vista Home the speed has dropped drastically:eek:. I used to download @ 150kbs on XP but max on Vista...
  20. D

    Huawei E620, VMC 9.3, Windows Vista

    (If this has been covered, please let me know where to find the thread.) I am using the above on a Compaq nx7300 notebook running Vista Business SP1. I am experiencing these symptoms: Insert Vodafone card: if I am on the office LAN, I lose some network connectivity (SQL, Exchange)...