1. seedat77

    Just found a (vintage) Samsung I900 Omnia (and it works!)

    So we got a new helper at home and I don't know if she is cleaning a bit too well but she found a (vintage) Samsung Omnia I900 in the sofa. I have no idea who the phone belongs to or how long it's been there. It could even be mine as I used to buy and sell phones back in the day, and I remember...
  2. S

    I feel robbed... Thanks Vodacom!

    I am regretting moving back to Vodacom. Such a profit-centric, screw the client any way possible company. I have 3 current complaints about them: 1) I recently took a contract on a Samsung Omnia 7. It's a great phone and I love it. When reading the Voda details page (now unavailable) it...
  3. C

    Vista USB Internet Sharing Poblems

    Hi I have a Windows Vista Home Premium HP laptop. I connect my Samsung Omnia via usb to the laptop in order to use the Internet Sharing of the phone to gain access to the Net. My problem that I recently found out is that Vista is always dropping this USB connection to my phone. So I would...
  4. S

    Best price in Cape Town for Omnia data cable?

    As the title says, need an original - have gone through some generic cables which don't charge the phone on the PC or connect really at all. :( Misplaced my original whilst in the UK a few months back.
  5. G

    Flashing Omnia JBHH1 Rom

    Hi I've read numerous threads on flashing the Omnia's rom, but I either missed the crux or I am doing something wrong, cause I can't get the new JC rom to flash. Keep getting "Incorrect Software Version" error... Anyone willing to give me step by step guide as the JBHH1 is just not...
  6. D

    Internet Stops working after a while. Can not download file stops before 10 Meg

    I live in Hermanus, western Cape area and I use my samsung OMnia as modem through windows mobile-internet sharing. I have found that for over a month now when trying to download a file larger than 10 meg internet flow will just stop. I can still ping a site and it works fine. I have tested...
  7. S

    Apple iPhone3g vs. Samsung Omnia

    I'm trying to persuade someone to buy one of these phones. When I look at one, the features are great and then I look at the other, that one looks better and I can't settle on which to recommend to a PC novice. It's been a while since either were released. Enough time to sit down with it and...
  8. F

    Getting my Omnia tomorrow...FINALLY!

    As the title says tomorrows my big day, after waiting for months...okay it was something like 4-5 weeks I went to the mtn shop today and I was told that they just received a whole batch of them and I will get mine tomorrow!:) After waiting so long for the phone I almost cant believe il have it...
  9. C

    Got my replacement Samsung Omnia from italk

    Eventually after more than 2 weeks of waiting from when they picked up my Out of Box Failed Omnia, just got my replacement Omnia delivered this morning. But to my surprise, there's broken Samsung original stickers under the sealed sticker 'Do no open if sticker broken by Samsung'. As italk...
  10. C

    My Omnia broke after one day.

    So my Omnia was delivered on Friday morning, new sim activated Friday night and everything is working quite well until Saturday after lunch, I was at Sandton SK, switched the phone to vibrate mode. After the movie I found that the phone was switched off and no matter what I did it just won't...
  11. P

    Omnia battery problems

    Hi guys I received my Samsung Omnia a week ago and although I am really happy with the phone, I am very dissapointed with the battery life. I have triple checked that everything is off (3G, Wifi, bluetooth) and none of my apps are scheduled to do anything automatically, but I only get...