1. G

    Missing FUSB port on motherboard

    I've just built my first PC, and have recently purchased the TP LINK Archer 3000 WIFI and Bluetooth TP LINK Archer 3000 WIFI and Bluetooth PCIe Adapter. I have an ASUS ROG STRIX H370-F Motherboard, and the Archer is connected to PCIe. The issue here is that for the Bluetooth connection on the...
  2. The_Librarian

    Inverter/regulator and software to use

    This thread is to help others getting good, working software for their inverters/regulators should there be a need for logging of performance stats. Please help others by mentioning your brand, and the correct software to download with the full URL.
  3. L

    USB drivers for Android devices

    Hey all I'm having issues getting Android devices connected to my laptop. Most recent example is a Blackview BV6800 Pro. The laptop recognizes something is plugged in, but doesn't open the device options. If I go to Devices under the control panel, the Blackview is there but I get the message...
  4. Bhoza

    USB files getting corrupted how to solve

    Good day, I have a problem with media I have sent to my USB stick it just keeps getting corrupted . Detailed break down is as follows I'm using a laptop with windows 8. Sending the media to an 8 gig USB stick, using DVD to play the media sow I convert all the media(videos) to MPG format. After...
  5. S

    Hyundai I20 N Touch screen display

    Hi All, I have bought a Hyundai I20 N with the touch screen display. Is there some trick to getting the USB port to work. I have tried multiple flash drives and formatted to FAT32. Whenever i plug it in, the USB symbol never becomes active on the screen. Anyone had this issue? Thank you
  6. J

    Intel announces USB 4 standard

    Intel announces USB 4 standard Intel and the USB Promoter Group have announced the USB 4 standard, which is set to release soon. It is based on the Thunderbolt protocol and will increase compatibility among USB Type-C connector-based products, said Intel.
  7. K

    Hard drive being detected as USB ?

    My laptop recently started giving me issues and I had to reinstall Windows after wiping the drive. However, for some reason the updates for windows do not want to install due to it reading the hard drive as a USB drive instead of a hard drive. I had a similar issue with a different machine about...
  8. L

    Original VW RCD310 Radio + MDI Retrofit Kit - Sale

    Item name: VW RCD310 Radio + MDI Retrofit Kit Age and condition: Nearly 5 yrs Do you include packaging: Yes (Not original) Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgraded unit in Vehicle Price: R1800 (Everything) / R1000 for the radio only / R1200 for the MDI Kit only (provides full USB support to...
  9. S

    [Sale] J5create Boomerang Station (JUD480) - USB 3.0 docking station

    Item: J5create Boomerang Station (JUD480) - USB 3.0 docking station Age: 3 years Warranty: No Packaging: Yes Condition: Very good - works perfectly Location: Lenasia, Johannesburg Reason: No longer needed. Price: R500 Shipping: At your cost Collection: Yes and preferred Allows you to...
  10. Rouxenator

    Best tool to record HDMI output

    There is a streaming site using JWplayer and try as I may I cannot seem to download the stream. It uses DASH which sends out bursts of 3 seconds clips before starting a new stream, so you can't save it like you would on most other site. I decided that capturing is the best way and have looked at...
  11. S

    Macbook Software Problem

    Good Day, does anyone know how to create a MACOS Bootable USB on windows? As my Macbook Pro has crashed and I have changed the HDD as well as the cable. However apple can't help me load the software again (bad service issues) & every time I try creating it with another MAC it gives me errors...
  12. RedViking

    Backup Android Device to PC via USB

    I have tried. I have failed. Many many times. What is the easiest way to backup all information or selected folders on a non-rooted Android Device to a PC via USB (MTP). This has always been an issue for me with Android. If possible I do not wan't to buy any software. Wifi is too damn slow to...
  13. OnlyOneKenobi

    Curious WIFI SSID issue (not urgent but puzzling...)

    I have a strange query related to my WIFI Setup at home. Firstly, the disclaimer to cover my own behind : my WIFI is managed by my ISP and as such I don't have admin rights or control over my router or WIFI configuration at all. Now, on the the observation. I have many devices from...
  14. W

    Where to buy USB asic miners in south africa?

    I would like to do some mining (bitcoin or altcoin, or both), but I don't know where to buy USB asic miner hardware locally. I can't affort the full-on asic hardware as sold by, I'm looking for something like the gekkoscience usb miner. Does anyone know where I can find these...
  15. Newsfeed

    New USB 3.2 standard will double transfer speeds

    New USB 3.2 standard will double transfer speeds The USB 3.0 Promoter Group has announced the upcoming release of the USB 3.2 specification.
  16. Dan73b

    The USB Type-C problem. Help needed

    Buying USB Type-C cables - Help needed Hi all I recently decided to take the plunge and get a USB Type-C phone. USB C makes a lot of sense to me for many reasons but after doing some research I've learned that most Type-A male to Type-C male cables (standard charging cable for Type-C phones)...
  17. NickLeStrange

    Samsung Galaxy S4 OTG problem

    Hi All, So I recently purchased a second hand Galaxy S4 for some VR goodness. The phone works brilliantly, and has Lollipop 5.01 installed. I purchased a USB OTG cable so that I can connect a controller to it. Problem is, the phone sees that the OTG cable is plugged in, then a second or two...
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    USB gadget lets you spot cheap accessories before they damage your hardware

    USB gadget lets you spot cheap accessories before they damage your hardware Satechi’s USB Type-C power meter allows you to see how much power is being delivered to your hardware. This allows you to identify and disconnect cheap accessories that could damage your laptop or smartphone.
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    USB stick which can perform HIV tests

    USB stick which can perform HIV tests Scientists at Imperial College London and DNA Electronics have developed a type of HIV test on a USB stick.
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    This USB Killer will instantly kill your computer

    This USB Killer will instantly kill your computer DIY YouTuber Thomas Kim has shown how a USB stick can be used to kill a computer.