WebAfrica internet issues

Sep 6, 2018
So I recently moved onto WebAfrica 200GB capped LTE, and for the first two weeks or so it was fantastic and there were no issues, but then moving into the third week I started experiencing what looked like packet loss at about 6pm till about 10pm. I disconnected my TV and literally everything else connected to it and connected my PC via ethernet. That did not fix the problem (I can post a video of what the packet loss looks like in game if you guys need me to).
My friend told me it might be a traceroute issue and so I ran a traceroute to riot.de from cmd. The one IP address had really bad ping spikes (up to 700ms) so I've deduced that there is an issue with that IP address.
How do I tell that to WebAfrica without them telling me to "reset the router" or "turn it off and back on" (that's literally the only response I get no matter what I put in the email).
I decided to check the ping to a game with ZA ping and I had 0% loss and 21 ping to the server, so it has to be an EU ping issue.
I am getting fed up with this issue because as a semi-pro gamer (I play PUBG competitively) who's competitions run from about 7pm to 10pm usually I can't play without having to deal with getting killed before the shot even registers on my screen.
I do not have fibre in my area so moving over to fibre is not an option at this point in time, and ADSL is too slow for us using Netflix and Showmax and me gaming at the same time.
When I use my mobile hotspot to game though it's perfect and that's 4G too, so it's not an issue in my area either. I'm baffled by what this could be?

Someone please help me, I really am at a loss right now and I don't know what to do
Sep 6, 2018
Okay so I've done a couple Speedtests to different locations:
To ZA -

To London -

To New York -

To Rio de Janeiro -

To Tokyo -

To Hong Kong -

I don't know what this is worth but I'm just giving as much information as I can