Wireless Internet / Router vs ADSL


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Aug 29, 2011
With all the great new deals being launched lately, I was thinking about setting up a wirless system at home.

Would like to connect 3 computers plus the Wii and ipod.

I was particularly lookng at the Cell C router options but with the connection Speeds (or lack thereof) I was wondering if there are better options.

So which is better, completely wireless via wireless router or goood old cabling? And if so which one?

Who has successfully got wifi in their home without breaking the bank?
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Dec 23, 2009
WiFi with ADSL at home is nowadays the norm - i do not think anyone bothers about cabling at home unless they are a techie or have a specific need or a lot of money.

For WiFi at home all you need is a wireless router (R600 and up) and you can connect to PC/Mac/Wii/Playstation/Nintendo/Android/iXXX etc. etc etc. - no additional cost

WiFi speeds (PC to router) exceed available internet speeds (ADSL or 3G) so there is no cabling benefit for internet access.

If you want to set up home Multimedia via network then cabling is a lot better .... but can be costly for decent quality.