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Jul 15, 2010
To all my fellow gamers.

For a while now, I have been wanting to create a dedicated online World of Warcraft server.

Though I hadn't wither had enough time or support for this, I did play on a number of servers online.
These were mainly our free local hosts.
While many people, obviously, played on these servers, there were many downfalls.

Out of a number of them, these included DC's, Unexpected Server Shutdowns and Downtimes, Rude and Arrogant GM's, Unfriendly Playing Environments, Alot of the Server not working and much more.

I have however, been hosting WoW servers for our LAN's, such as the Asylum LAN. These servers proved highly effective, as in everything worked, my GM's were super friendly, helpful, and we always setup competitions and mini games for the server to enjoy.

Through my gaming experience, I know that i can setup a Server that is better, more intense, more fun, and much more friendly than any others out there. This includes what people call 'The best Server/s in SA".

But, to do that, I need to get these servers online, and need approx R900 p.m to do that.
So I have to call upon you guys (Without sounding like a fraud), so give me information about anyone, or any company, you know thats willing to sponsor something like this.

Please feel free to contact me to ask any questions, for GM applications, or just give a random comment.
Please know that i will be as open minded and will have the utmost respect for any and all gamers. Because without you, none of this could possibly happen.

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Call me (Unfortunatly you have to email me asing for my number)

Thank you.


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Nov 11, 2009
The thing about private servers that I find extremely funny is people always believe that their server would be X times better than all the rest in the world, and that 'our' GM's are X times more friendly than that server etc etc. I read the same thing in every advertisement of every private server.


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Jan 7, 2006
Ummm surely this is as bad as piracy, and you are asking for advise on a completely anti-piracy board?

Stop trying to hack wow, pay the money you are expected to pay and play on official servers.

An no, nobody should support you or this setup....


Aug 11, 2009
Why don't you spend half of that on a server based in the UK, setup SSH tunneling, and play at 300ms on the official servers where everything works. The private servers may be fun for a day, but once you have ran around for 5 hours and then the final quest cant be completed, just annoying. The population of 20 ppl on a server also makes the private servers very lacklustre