1. H

    ECC Memory (Server memory) for sale **Brand New**

    Hi Everyone. I have 4 X 32GB (128GB) Server Memory Dimms Available. [Kingston DDR4 3200 ECC-Registered CL22 1.2v 288pin] Model: ME-KD4R32V32M, KSM32RD4/32Mei D4R 32G 3200 Mi Heres the story - it was purchased from Frontosa on 5 Aug. It is incompatible with the system it was intended for...
  2. P

    Dell PowerEdge 2950 Mark 3 Server

    Item: Dell PowerEdge 2950 Mark 3 Server Age: Unknown Price: R2000 Payment Method Accepted: EFT Warranty: NO Packaging: NO Condition: Good Location: Durban Reason: Upgraded Shipping: Yes at your own cost Collection: Yes Dell PowerEdge 2950 Mark 3 Server 2x Intel Xeon E5404 Core2Quad @ 2.0GHz...
  3. Versys Media

    Does anyone know how much traffic this server would be able to handle?

    We're planning to upgrade to a new website hosting server, and were wondering what kind of traffic it can handle. Here are the specs: Intel Xeon Quad Core 3.2GHz - 32 GB ECC RAM - 1 TB SSD We have about 60 domains on our current one but we want to plan for the future and see how far we can...
  4. P

    PowerEdge T30 - 8GB DDR4 Ram - Xeon(R) CPU E3-1225 v5 @ 3.30GHz - 1TB HDD

    Item: PowerEdge T30 - 8GB DDR4 Ram - Xeon(R) CPU E3-1225 v5 @ 3.30GHz - 1TB HDD Age: 3 years Price: R2500 Warranty: None Condition: Good Location: Durban Reason: Not needed Shipping: Your cost
  5. O

    Help with the possibility of hosting my own Quake/2/3 Server(s) at home

    Hiya. I have dabbled with trying to get a Quake server up and running at home for myself and friends to jam on. The past efforts were with my own router over a 4mb ADSL line. I have since moved and am waiting on Comtel to come and do a survey for fibre to my home. The complex is served by them...
  6. R

    Rust Server Hosting

    Good Day Everyone, I saw doesn't have JHB and CT Server Hosting anymore, I'm looking to Host a Rust Server. Does anyone know who I can contact or where I can look for other ZA Hosting companies? Regards
  7. RedViking

    Setting up a local SFTP or SCP server

    I have an FTP FileZilla Server running on my home server Windows 10. It is relatively straight forward once you get the router to stop blocking the ports. Everything can be done with FileZilla Server and the Router > NAT Forwarding/Virtual Servers. Is there something that is as user friendly...
  8. A

    Best South African Rust Servers

    Amnesia 10x Modded is a community driven server with balanced mods and a server thats tailored and balanced providing a vanilla feel with a much less tedious startup. all players from beginners to veterans. We hope to see you online !! IP: steam://connect/ Discord...
  9. justblazethe1st

    [SALE] Windows Server Essentials 2016 64bit 1-2cpu

    Item name: Server 2016 essentials Age and condition: New/ Sealed Do you include packaging: YES Warranty: N/A Reason for selling: bought for project that didn't go ahead Price: R2500 Negotiable: YES Location: JHB Shipping or collection: collection preferred, shipping on buyers expense link -...
  10. RedViking

    (SOLVED) FileZilla Server FTPS not Working - Passive Mode fails

    I am trying to create a server using FileZilla Server and use FTPS over Public Network/IP. FileZilla (not FileZilla Server) error: Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message... Status: Initializing TLS... Status: Verifying certificate... Status: TLS connection...
  11. iiAmShinobi

    Potential of SA Gaming

    South Africa is yet to fully enter the international sphere in Gaming, and for that, we need strong support from the Gamers in South Africa. Altered Gaming Community is an initiative that hopes to be the backbone community for SA gamers alike. Currently, Altered Gaming Community is only hosting...
  12. GipsyD

    Windows 7 refuses to boot from SSD after drive clone?

    Not sure if this is the right thread or not, so here goes nothing. If this is the wrong thread, could some please point in the right direction for assistance, as this is pretty urgent. Let's start... One of our central servers was starting to give up the ghost about 10 months ago, and started...
  13. GipsyD

    Adding existing numbers to VOIP Phones and Servers?

    I'm pretty fresh to the whole VOIP scene, so bear with me The company I work for recently bought out a company that was no longer solvent. We bought out their entire office building. Now, this company used to work with VOIP Phones as their main way of communicating with customers and others on...
  14. J

    HP Proliant DL 580 G5 + 14TB storage at an attractive Price!

    Good Day everyone! I have a lab server up for grabs, its a pretty much fully populated HP DL580 G5 server with 14TB storage shelf all going for R15K. This server comes populated with 8 x 146GB 10K SAS drives, 64GB Ram and 2 extended NIC cards, increasing total NICs to 6 ports, It has 2 Fiber...
  15. W

    D-Link DPR-1061 Print Server

    Good Day, I am struggling to source this device in South Africa, i am from north of the border and urgently need this for a client. On the Dlink website they suggest Pinnacle and Rectron. Pinnacle quotes on wrong device and Rectrons site is a bit confusing...
  16. J

    Server 2016 Domain DNS Slow

    Hi. I trust you are well? Here's my problem. I have set up a Server 2016 Standard domain with only my generalized IT experience and no qualifications. So far I can pat myself on the back for doing a very good job as everything is functioning well except for one thing, so far. I...
  17. F

    [Sale] HP ML150 G6 Server - 2x 750W PSU, included drives, spare CPU's

    Item name: HP ML150 G6 server, with 2x Intel Xeon X5570 CPU's, 6GB memory, 2x 150GB 15K SAS drives, 1x 300GB 15K SAS drive Age and condition: Uncertain, previously used by a small business Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgrading Price: R3300 Negotiable: Yes...
  18. RedViking

    Small Server - Advice Needed

    Hi guys, I have no experience with putting together a small server and what to look at etc. I would like to build a small straight forward affordable server that I will access locally via LAN and also remotely (FTP?). I also might want to have the option for other Freelancers (Philippines...
  19. D

    Server for small business

    Morning all. Hope all is well. Hope I am posting this in the correct section. I am working at a small company, where we have 6 PC's with windows 10, connecting to a server which is also running windows 10. I want to upgrade the server PC (which is now 10 years old), to an unused PC which...
  20. G

    ZA Rust Dedicate Servers

    Hey all, We have finally our Rust server in South Africa after. Please feel free to join or chat with us.. Discord Server : Discord The Root ZA Dedicated Server List : Rust Dedicated : Rust Modded Modded Server Online : The Root 10x Modded Rust Vanilla Community Server Online : The Root...