1. B

    ADSL and Web

    Hey Guys, Just a question, heard a few good remarks about a company called iLiNQ Internet Solutions "" Anyone dealt with them yet? They do web hosting, ADSl, server hosting etc? and apparently they are big competitors to someone called OpenWeb and Axxess? Looking at moving...
  2. Z

    (new) Ark: Survival Evolved ZA server

    Howzit guys? After playing on three different servers where admins spawned stuff in for themselves and were being cocky.... I decided that I'll just start my own server. That's the logical thing to do, right? :erm: Anyhows, the server is called [ZA]Toxic Gaming. We're currently only...
  3. T

    Microsoft server software

    I'm urgently looking for EOL or older (cheaper) Microsoft server software. If you happen to have any of these lying around or you know that perhaps your company/employer might have these and upgraded or for whatever reason isn't using them anymore, please could you let me know! Microsoft...
  4. P

    Where to get replacement motherboard for HP Micro Server Gen 7

    I have a HP Micro Server Gen 7 which needs a replacement motherboard. I think that it got struck by lightning or something. Sent it for inspection to HP dealer and the quote was almost R10 000 to repair! Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement motherboard for this as the rest of the...
  5. M

    Enterprise Hardware Infrastructure - [S]ale

    Blade Server: Fujitsu BX400-S1 Chassis with LCD Unit DVD-RW Slimline 4 x PSU (1600W/1100W) 2 x CB Ethernet Switch/IBP 10Gb 18/8 12 x SFP+ MMF 10Gbe LC 2 x CB Ethernet Switch/IBP 1Gb 18/6 2 x BX900 Management Blades 8 x BX820 S4 Dual Blade Server each with 2 x Intel...
  6. Mjc65

    MAC Query NB!!

    i need some assistance regarding a mac server, a client is interested in purchasing a server as all of her other units are Mac, meaning macbooks etc, in the office, ive found the iMac MK482, any good? if not please provide me with something better & also why. much appreciated.
  7. H

    Black Ops 3 - Server problems

    Hi Forum member, Apologies if this has been asked before. I am new to the forum and thought this would be the best place to ask seeing that this issue seems to be only on SA or not in the US at least. (Judging from online game play videos on Youtube) I am having major issues with the...
  8. B

    Server Naming Conventions

    Salutations sudo -i's, I've been preying around on my clientzone at Afrihost and found the most awesome server names they use for their servers! But, that's side-news for now. We shall find out who is the holy name-giver there later. I'm in the mood to throw a bunch of Linux servers...
  9. R

    [S] Dell PowerEdge T20 Mini Tower Server

    Item name (be very descriptive): Dell PowerEdge T20 Mini Tower Server Age and condition: About two months old but brand new, just opened the box to check contents Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Should have Reason for selling: Received 2 but supplier didn't come fetch the extra one they...
  10. MDKza

    SiC ARK Survival Evolved Server

    Hi All! We have created a new ARK server for those interested. We have fully active admins that are around more often than not. Details about the server itself (for those looking for the details): 24/7 Hosted at a local datacentre 8 cores 6 Gig Ram 200Gig HDD Restarts happen...
  11. N

    (S) - HP ML350 Tower Server

    Item: HP ML350 Server (with 3.2ghz Xeon Processor. It can take 2 CPU's) Age: Not sure Warranty: None Packaging: None Condition: Good. (Check uploaded pics) Location: Cape Town, Bellville Reason: Server is quite big and taking up space. Shipping: On you Collection: Sure Price: R2500 Pictures ...
  12. J

    RCT 2000va UPS - Power a Server?

    Hey Guys I'm wondering if anyone could advise me as to whether a RCT 2000va UPS will power a Thecus N16000Pro + D16000 addition Server. The Server is rated at 700W + 500W = 1200W, and has a function in its menu that can auto-shutdown based on info provided by a UPS (how much charge...
  13. R

    Dell PowerEdge T20 Information Thread

    Dell PowerEdge T20 I've been looking for a secondhand HP Microserver N54L for quite some time now, but as you all know these things are as scarse as hen's teeth! :p I have been contemplating buying a Gen8 but the price is slightly steep for my liking! So tonight I came across the Dell...
  14. D

    Community Server Funding Contacts / Initiative

    Hi All, I have been around for a long time in online gaming, I am really trying to support the gaming community in SA. Please check my other post for the details about community powered game hosting. You're feedback would be appreciated...
  15. N

    Hyper-V Lab Build - Feedback Request

    Hi All I am in the process of building a Hyper-V lab for home and am looking at the following setup: Intel Xeon® Processor E5-2620 v2 (15M Cache, 2.10 GHz) Supermicro DDR3 1066 LGA 2011 Server Motherboard X9SRI-F-O Kingston ValueRam KVR18R13D4K4/64 SanDisk Extreme PRO 480GB SATA...
  16. D

    Senior Microsoft Engineer Position Available

    Cape Town based position- Maitland Position on Offer This senior position calls for high end proactive and reactive support to external clients, attending to incidents, problems, changes, troubleshooting, and installations in a Microsoft environment. The position requires the candidate to...
  17. B

    Dell PowerEdge 2950 Servers [S] - Part II - Bargain Edition

    This is a 2nd attempt to sell these. Age and condition: 2nd hand, but are in excellent nic. They were used in a server room and were replaced by newer servers. Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No, take as is. They all work though and you're welcome to power them on, open them and check...
  18. akescpt

    videos to ipad

    im stuck in bed till sunday. im wanting to stream media from the server to the ipad. if you have done it please explain. ive done it via my android TAB but havent looked at the ipad yet. server is running OpenElec Gotham i think
  19. T

    Hello from Tech Support

    Tech Support is a technology support company. We supply IT Support to the Business, Schools and Home market. We have been active in the Western cape since 2008. Our services are available in The Helderberg region, Somerset West, Strand, Gordons Bay, Cape Wine lands, Stellenbosch, Northern...
  20. R

    Home Storage Server

    I am running a i5 system that I use for gaming and Media (movies, music ect) I have 4 hard drives in my PC which makes it hard for when I go out to LANs as my PC is HEAVY. I was wondering what kind of performance i would have in movies and music playback if I built up a old PC at home...