1. Conack

    SA Guilds 2018 - World of Warcraft

    Herewith a newly compiled list of active SA Guilds: Draenor - EU - PVE: Lythix (Raiding Guild) - Horde Stormragers (Casual) - Horde The Maelstrom - EU: Immortal Chaos - Alliance Sylvanas - EU: Shadow Conclave - Alliance Twilight's Hammer - EU - PVP: Pap en Vleis (Raiding Guild) - Horde...
  2. B

    Horde PVP on Sylvanas

    Hi guys, Are there any horde saffers on Sylvanas that would like do arenas and maybe later RBG and WPvp. Gear and skill not important atm as the aim is to team up, do arenas and hopefully improve.
  3. D

    What games do you miss the most?

    Personally, I miss the following the most: Age Of Empires (especially using cheats and getting that car in AoEII) Stronghold Red Alert Warcraft 1 and 2 the original duke nukem I know some of these are lame.. but they just remind me of when I was growing up..:whistle:
  4. S

    Cape Town Alliance (Lightbringer EU) Seeks new recruits

    Cape Town Alliance is seeking to fill its ranks with Social / Casual / Raiders. We are a newly formed guild on the Lightbringer EU server. Its an Alliance Faction guild. Also we are looking for an Experienced Raid Leader/s to take the troops out for 10man raids once the time comes. Feel free...
  5. Conack

    SA Guilds 2013 - World of Warcraft

    Herewith a newly compiled list of active SA Guilds as of Jan 2013: Alonsus - EU: Mojo (10M Raiding Guild) - Alliance Chromaggus - EU - PVP: Unforgiven II (10M Raiding Guild) - Horde (Since Chromaggus is nearly an empty realm the active raiding team (as of 2013 Feb) moved to...
  6. Conack

    SA Guilds 2012 - World of Warcraft

    Please note, this thread has been rendered obsolete and replaced by the new SA Guilds 2013 thread. Herewith a newly compiled list of active SA Guilds as of Jan 2012: Alonsus - EU: Mojo (10 Man Social Raiding Guild) - Alliance Bloodhoof - EU: Boere Mafia (Leveling Guild [PST...
  7. N

    World of Warcraft Hosting

    To all my fellow gamers. For a while now, I have been wanting to create a dedicated online World of Warcraft server. Though I hadn't wither had enough time or support for this, I did play on a number of servers online. These were mainly our free local hosts. While many people, obviously...
  8. T

    What line to get to play

    Hi All, I have just returned from the UK and was wondering what the best line was for playing Warcraft. I know the ADSL lines are prob the best (I think) but don't they have a cap on the amount of data that can be used in a month. Are there any fast solutions that don't have a limit. I don't...
  9. Conack

    SA Guilds - 2010

    I've been curious for a while about just how many SA guilds are still active these days. wowgamers.co.za shows a number of guilds, but unfortunately it's not updated all that regularly and i doubt people will stop to think about notifying the admins if their guild closed down. A list could...
  10. D

    Help with Warcraft 3 Installation (Multiplayer)

    Hi everyone. I aquired the 'Program Files' folder from my friend. It includes Warcraft 3 and the Frozen Throne. I put it in the following directory C:\Program Files\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III. I then applied the 1.22 patch and installed w3l.exe and w3l.dll into the above folder. I...
  11. P

    WTS US WoW account

    Hi, Im selling my wow US account.. or still trying It has : On Quel'Dorei server: Level 70 Blood Elf Priest Holy Spec 351 Enchanting 373 Tailoring Normal Flying Mount 1769 Bonus Healing Mostly Epic Geared Level 70 Blood Elf Mage 243 Engineering 124 Tailoring Epic Mount Hybrid...
  12. E

    TheRealm Battle.Net

    Hey guys! I'd just like to invite you all to come and play on South Africa's latest Warcrat III battle.net server! Name: TheRealm Zone: +2 IP: war3.therealm.co.za for any more information, visit www.therealm.co.za
  13. S

    Warcraft Hosting with VMC Lite

    Hello there. I have that VMC Lite for laptop, that gadget that you can take it everywhere in your country. I cant host in warcraft 3 servers. I have open the port in firewall. Its something with the VMC Lite (i dont know if this is a modem beacause its so small. I use it to connect to...