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Thread: Telkom Uncapped LTE Deal - My Trials So Far...

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    Thumbs up Telkom Uncapped LTE Deal - My Trials So Far...

    Hey guys.

    So this is my first post, but with all the flak that Telkom is getting from this deal I was hesitant to opt in to it, however I did because the line speeds are TERRIBLY poor in my current area (Mulbarton)

    I though I should provide you all with some facts and figures (which should provide some clarity to users) with my use for the past 3 weeks with this service.

    How the setup works:

    You are delivered a box that contains:

    - Huawei B593 LTE Router (which does support telephone lines for VOICE CALLS ONLY (Cannot be used for ADSL failover)
    - Telkom SIM card with PIN/PUK (Mine said that RICA was required, however I just slapped the SIM in the router, configured the router with the PIN, and it worked at amazingly fast speeds.)
    - Poynting Antenna (Which they have to install, but I made a rural solution to get 3 bars of signal and it makes a huge difference from the standard antennas getting 2 bars, because I am STILL waiting for Telkom to come and mount/install the antenna on the roof properly...)

    Current setup for Router:

    As you can see, my router is only getting 3 bars of signal with the rural setup, but the speeds are unbelievable:

    All of those tests were done with the LTE router.

    Now, about their FUP (Fair-use policy):

    I know a lot of you are moaning about their FUP of being 50GB for an uncapped account, but I promise you - they are keeping to their word. The FUP (at least for me) has ONLY been applied to P2P Bittorrent protocols, which means that I have only seen FULL throttling when I try to torrent, however - a user on Mybb enlightened me on the wonders of Grabitjeeves (which, in short, allows you to turn bittorrent downlaods into HTTP downloads for a fixed fee per month) and they don't throttle it at all (I have downloaded around 80 GB from this site and still no throttling).

    Here is my current usage since the 10th of July 2015:

    So, as you can see, this package isn't ALL too bad.

    So basically, here is how you determine if you should buy this package:

    1) Do you demand high speed internet at a low price and but are willing to pay for alternatives to your torrenting?
    2) Do you understand that over 24 months you will be paying a total of R14376, R16776, or R19176 (depending on how early you were to sign up)?
    3) Do you accept that any speed higher is better than your current speed?
    4) Do you NOT need low latency (ping) at all times?
    5) Do you accept that this speed will be capped at a maximum of 75Mbps Down & 20 Mbps Up?

    If you answered yes to all of these questions, this package could actually work very well for you.

    I think this package is actually aimed at areas with little to no connectivity at all and is aimed at the moderate user, not the heavy user.

    I'm sorry if I left anything out, but feel free to ask questions if I missed anything!

    (P.S. This is my first post, so please give me pointers and tips! I really appreciate any feedback - positive or negative)
    Last edited by niVoque; 25-07-2015 at 10:53 AM. Reason: Fixed pictures for incorrect aspect ratio (Sorry about that!)

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    You went to a lot of trouble for a post! Very informative, thank you
    Widely experienced telco advisor and VoIP Security specialist to ISPs, global operators & businesses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris.Geerdts View Post
    You went to a lot of trouble for a post! Very informative, thank you
    It was just to inform most people on the service, as I have seen way too many people bashing on it...

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    Nice. Those speeds are worth a lot

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    Super Grandmaster falcon786's Avatar
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    I used to be a grabitjeeves customer but these days I use "",just way better value for money IMO.
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    Live and die on this day Ö

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    Quote Originally Posted by kianm View Post
    Nice. Those speeds are worth a lot
    Definitely. Loving downloads when they're pumping 4.5MB/s and it's still only on 3 bars of signal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by falcon786 View Post
    I used to be a grabitjeeves customer but these days I use "",just way better value for money IMO.
    I've heard about it, however I prefer Grabitjeeves because it used to be South African owned - they understand South African customers and their service is truly amazing! would be my second choice, as I used it initially before I found out about Grabitjeeves.

    Either way - both are really great at doing what they're supposed to

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    I'm really hoping someone can help me. I've purchased an LTE package from Telkom and cannot account for the data usage - they're saying I used 3 gigs in the past 12 hours but I really cannot understand how. The only recommendation they could make was that I download a data tracker, which I'm very happy to do, however I need to know what the best one would be, that can track the usage on the actual router. We have a mobile network setup which links to two laptops, a tablet and cellphones and so tracking my pc usage would be pointless. Any advise welcome!

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    Hi Suwal,

    What router are you using?

    If you're using the Huawei B593 Router for your LTE Package let me know and I can help you out

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    Nivoque how has the package been since you last posted? Have they come to install the antenna yet? Have your speeds increased?

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    How's steaming om this package?
    "Why is there something rather than nothing?"
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    Thanks for this, places my order yesterday. Just waiting for delivery to take place.
    I'm the only one on my area to take up the offer so far.

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    Been watching the LTE uncapped promotion, however its currently still unavailable in my area after the recent announcement

    Guess will have to wait for the next announcement...

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    I just got connected on the uncapped deal I am just outside the coverage area per the map however I have been using lte for a while now here's my experience so far I already had the LPDA 0092 antennas fitted previously so did not install the xpol 0006 that the package came with however I tested the antenna by making a stand for it using an outside umbrella from my porch and got about 40mbps which is about what I get with my 0092 mounted on my roof. My current wireless status as per the router using my old antenna is
    RSSI - 71
    RSRP - 97
    RSRQ - 6
    speed test based on the above range between the following
    Ping 20 to 25ms
    D/L 46 to 50mbps
    U/L 3.5 to 6mbps
    So far I have tried downloading torrents using utorrent and the showbox android which have been throttled to 13KBps even though I am within my 50gb cap perhaps there are certain times during the day where these are not throttled which I haven't tested as mentioned in other threads.
    Web browsing is super fast YouTube loads instantly I have not attempted streaming video as I am quite new to this and I have not yet exceeded the 50gigs to confirm if only torrents will be throttled would like to hear others feedback and would not mind testing certain things if members require feedback
    Last edited by dullusb; 08-09-2015 at 07:40 PM.

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    How much are you guys paying?

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