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    Please Rate Vox

    I have FTTH + Web & Email hosting with Vox. Vox's email hosting services has not kept up with the rest. Significantly sub standard email hosting service. This includes the UI, delivery speeds, email security. They need to spend more emphasis on these products if they want to be a leader in...
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    Cat 5/6 - Where can I buy in JHB?

    Where in Johannesburg can one purchase a 80 metre Cat5 or Cat6 LAN cable with RJ45 connectors? Ideally the cable should be built to run both indoors & outdoors. Thanks!
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    The topless sledding in Germany.

    The topless sledding in Germany. -NSFW Nice for spectators. Warning - Semi Nude PICs.
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    Route: Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth

    Doing the Garden Route self drive. So, I want to know which is the best route from Johannesburg to PE with regard to good road surface and travel time?
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    DSTV is replacing VH1 with VH1 Classic

    According to Tweet from @mcleodd
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    Afrihost - Slow ADSL and Latency

    This is becoming a regular issue and starting to be an annoyance from Afrihost.
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    MWEB Business - Not Happy

    Why is the service from MWEB so bad? My wife has a home business and uses MWEB for website hosting & email services. They double bill, do not respond to emails or requests, etc. Request made in June, and still waiting. Looking at, their complaints list seem to be ever growing...
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    Afrihost - ADSL Disconnects and sync issues

    My ADSL line suffers from sporadic disconnects and speed sync issues. I have a 10 meg line with 4 meg uncapped service through Afrihost. From previously logging a ticket with Afrihost support, they indicated port errors, which led them to recreate the port on the ADSL line. This seemed to have...
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    Does MTN want any new customers?

    I want to port from Vodacom to MTN, so decided to fill in the request for a new contract on the website. Request was completed a week ago. Received a reply email only on Monday only, stating that they have received the request, and will respond within 3 business days. Guess...
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    SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 10.1 ICS Upgrade

    Anyone received the official ICS upgrade on their Galaxy Tab 10.1 (7500) as yet? I am still waiting :(
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    Favourite iPhone/iPad Apps

    Pissed of birds!
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    RWC 2011 - Player of the tournament

    Israel Dagg
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    Official 2011 Rugby World Cup Thread

    Maybe cameras facing towards the sky should be placed above the horizontal bar at the edge of each side.
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    Official 2011 Rugby World Cup Thread

    Boks tend to defend a lead, rather than killing the game off when the opportunity is there. And when we're chasing a lead, it seems we play more attacking rugby. This has been the trend for the last couple of years.