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    WTF Axxess, YOU SUCK! :mad:

    So, I got myself a axxess uncapped 4mb account, the axxess express thing(R496.00) on the 15th of last month.. and paid R496 on the 15th, and again on the 31st.. meaning i have paid close to R1000.00 for one months worth of usage. On the 11th of this month, my account got suspended for "SPAM...
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    iPhone 4

    I applied for mine on Saturday the 30th of Oct, was told that they should be receiving stock within the next week.. i have been to the store on Thursday(yesterday) to check.. no phones as yet...but, the person told me : " We are receiving some stock today".. Well I went back there today to...
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    :wtf: Interesting Question

    While I am waiting for my iPhone 4 to arrive at vodacom I will take a few moments to ponder this.. What is the difference hardware wise between a Ipod touch and Iphone? Yea, I know the iPhone has the sim card holder + gsm aerial.. is there any other differences that would cause the iPhone to...
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    iphone 4-stock list.

    WHEN?!? So, is there any way to work out when vodacom gets delivery of the iPhones, like once a week, once every 2 weeks etc? i would just like to know when i can expect mine. GRrrRRRRrrRrr:mad:
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    AFRIHOST - Why did you even register as a company?

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    Delivery of iPhone 3G S

    None of you are getting your Iphone 3Gs's, the ships are all coming to my flat first :)
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    Vodacom / 5800 issues

    I really dont know where to put this, so.. it will go under this forum.. I recently(4 Months ago) went to get my contract upgrade, the phone I decided on was the Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic, which in my opinion is quite a awesome phone. But.. After 4 days of use, the phone could not read...
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    Capped way too quickly, not too sure?

    So, heres the story, i'm not sure what has happened and what can be done about it. I have a Normal telkom 3gb/30gb local cap on a 4mb line. I usually get capped round the 20th or even later, and my average daily usage is about 120mb +- since i'm mostly using my adsl to play wow(2-3 accounts =...
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    Some Installation + patching Questions

    So, here i sit with a bit of a dilemma, I have WoW US installed on my pc, but have been playing on the EU servers with the US copy, now the problem here is, that with Wotlk coming out tomorrow, i am not sure whether i can install the EU edition of Wotlk over the current US edition, and if not...
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    WTS US WoW account

    Hi, Im selling my wow US account.. or still trying It has : On Quel'Dorei server: Level 70 Blood Elf Priest Holy Spec 351 Enchanting 373 Tailoring Normal Flying Mount 1769 Bonus Healing Mostly Epic Geared Level 70 Blood Elf Mage 243 Engineering 124 Tailoring Epic Mount Hybrid...