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    Hahahaha... I saw this 9 months later. Mybroadband needs to make it easier to delete a post. Maybe I should make a GDPR request:unsure:
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    Ownership of IP Question

    I just read my contract again in details and noticed something about ownership of IP. It basically says that (1) anything I work on at work is owned by them and a with a little research, it makes perfect sense for the company to prevent me from claiming ownership of work they paid me to do...
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    What path should i take??

    This maths you say you failed, is it Calculus?
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    What path should i take??

    Shame man, youré in a difficult situation. I can feel your pain. In my opinion, I think you should go with option 2 if you've been academically excluded for failing first-year maths twice. What about second-year math? Forget about UWC and take the Unisa route and hopefully, everything else...
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    Junior web/mobile developer (PHP/JavaScript)

    Not trolling, but based on the requirement - FP/OOP Do you consider C a functional programming language since it has no classes?
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    Can you reverse a standard bank debit order intended for standard bank

    So... I decided I want to change insurance companies from standard bank to someone else cheaper and I found them. I had a look at my policy document and in the cancellation section, it said that I can cancel anytime and I won't get a refund/pro-rata paid back which is fine. So today I called...
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    Anyone in SA playing SFV (Street Fighter 5) online

    I've been watching a lot of FGC lately and I tend to like street fighter so I'm thinking of getting the game. The thing is I don't want to spend a lot of time playing the CPU, I'd like to play other players in the country at times. Are there any people playing it online at the moment? I've...
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    Viewing standard bank personal loan

    So I noticed there is a button on the standard bank app that allows you to link your personal loan so it appears like your VFA and credit card balances. When I click it, it does not link me to anything. I then decided to call them and ask what is happening. The guy form standard bank tells me...
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    Do anyone get the "Resync" problem with Axxess?

    Every damn month axxess debits my account and after a couple of days (maybe 2 or 3) the networks start being ****. By that I mean I barely can access the internet even when I have a lot of data left. I have had to report the same error every month for the last 6 months. Here is an example of...