1. I

    Honda Jazz - Good resale value or not

    Hi all, I need some input from you, plan on purchasing a Honda Jazz 1.5i 2007 model with +- 80000km on the clock. Can you indicate to me what you will be willing to pay for such a car and what current trade or resale value is. Manual silver colour. I would really appreciate your comments.
  2. namzsteve

    Advice Needed. Looking to buy my first car

    Hello MyBB users, I'm looking to buy my first car and I want something I'll be proud of and something that won't hit my pocket. I've been looking at a used Ford Fiesta ST from years 2005-2008 or a Mazda, just don't know which one yet. I would like some advice from the more experienced people...
  3. N

    2007 Opel Corsa 1.3 CDTi Diesel engine

    Hi everyone! I hope someone has more car knowledge than me... I have a 2007 Opel Corsa with a 1.3 CDTI diesel turbo engine...that needs replacing. The camshaft snapped and Opel wants about R75000 (:confused:) for a new engine... Anyone have suggestions regarding a reconditioned...
  4. M

    Exchange EDB file recovery...

    Hi Guys, I need to recover an account from within an Exchange EDB file. I dont have a working copy of the Server hence just the EDB file. I have a product called Kernel for Exchange which allows me to open the EDB file and view it but they want R3,000 for the product! My licensed product...
  5. S

    Looking to upgrade a PC running Autodesk Autocad 2007

    Hi people. Need some help/advice upgrading a client's PC. The PC is currently used to run Autodesk Autocad 2007, with the Inventor 2007 package installed. It is currently running on a Core 2 Duo machine, with Windows XP 32 bit. The machine is used by an Engineer to design Plastic Injection...
  6. E

    Exchange 2007 Sending Problems

    Hi There, I'm currently running Exchange 2007 on a Dynamic IP from our ISP (webafrica). I receive my mails with a pop connector from our pop email hosting service. I can send mail to most domains. Including gmail, who doesn't even mark this a spam. However, when I send an mail to some bigger...