2010 soccer world cup

  1. Creag

    What's going on with Bafana Bafana?

    http://www.supersport.com/football/article.aspx?id=319208&headline=Santana%60s%20future%20more%20uncertain Eish! 2010 is going to be mightily embarrassing if something special doesn't happen soon. :(
  2. LCBXX

    2010 Soccer Preperations...or another agenda?

    After watching Carte-Blanche's insert on the 2010 plans, I started thinking about the issues raised by the program and then came up with some additional thoughts/questions. It appears that organisers are becoming less concerned with things like transport (public or other) to/from stadia...
  3. Rouxenator

    What happens after 2010 ?

    It seems the whole South Africa is just focussed on 2010 (has something to do with a faggy sport or something). My question is what happens after 2010? Is there a future vision for all the effort and money that is thown into this whole 2010 thing ? What will South Africa be like in 2011 ...
  4. rpm

    SEACOM begins construction

  5. rpm

    Broadband blockage

  6. rpm

    Enough bandwidth for 2010?

  7. rpm

    Speaking under the sea