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  1. J

    ARM reveals 64-bit processors for future tech

    ARM reveals 64-bit processors ARM has unveiled its new range of 64-bit processors for future smartphones and servers
  2. I

    CellC - ZTE Modems Now Available

    Looks like Cell C is now selling the ZTE modems. Catch is that the ZTE modems does not work on the Hauwei router. Got two sticks one router. One sticky work on router other one not? Any solutions Cell C? EDIT: Updated Drivers: http://www.cellc.co.za/internet/page/support/drivers/2
  3. S

    Does Office 2010 come in a 64 bit edition?

    Hi, does anybody know if Office 2010 comes in a NATIVE 64 bit edition? If so, is there a seperate disk for it? I know that Office 2010 32 bit will run just fine on a 64 bit platform, but I am looking for a 64 bit edition specifically. Anyone know about this?
  4. Twista

    Windows 7 Enterprise 64 Bit - random freezing when using WMP and google talk

    Hi, Did anyone here experience random freezing on their windows 7 64 bit when using Windows Media Player or google talk. I get this screeching sound of "death" and then my computer freezes. Nothin responds. I am running 6GB ram, i5 2.4GHZ, HP Pavilion dv7. re-installed most drivers. Did a fresh...
  5. S

    Upgrade time: Windows Server 2008 64 bit and Pastel

    Hi. I am in the process of upgrading the server of one of my clients, and require some expert knowledge, comments and suggestions. My client currently has Windows Server 2003 installed on a 4 year old desktop server. They have about 20-30 users on the network, who mostly work with files...
  6. S

    2GB RAM & E2160 - 64bit OS?

  7. T

    What's 64-bit Windows XP like?

    Been doing a bit of reading up on it, and I'm not so sure what the story is with it compatibiltiy wise etc. currently. Apparently you have to have 64-bit drivers for H/W, so are those reletively abundant or not? Would you say it gives any kind of performance increase over 32-bit, that...