1. RazedInBlack

    Gold Cheque Account: ABSA vs FNB

    I bank with ABSA and being an account holder for the better part of almost 15 years I expected smooth-no-problem application for a cheque account. Not so! :mad: I likened the consultant to a detective with the amount of questions he asked. He draws my bank statement and goes over it with a...
  2. jes

    Absa issues phishing scam avoidance tips

    Absa issues phishing scam avoidance tips Absa warns consumers of the latest phishing scams plaguing inboxes
  3. Derrick

    ABSA warns against phishing scam

    Absa bank has warned their customers via SMS not to be conned into giving out their personal details to potential scammers. The official SMS reads: “Absa Warning! Absa will never send you an email to update banking or personal details. Don’t get caught by the latest online phishing scam.”...
  4. Derrick

    This is what a fake ABSA email looks like in a phishing scam

    This is what a fake ABSA email looks like in a phishing scam. Note that the criminal’s web address link is retained in this direct copy of the message for people interested in online security to follow. Don’t be foolish enough to “verify” your banking details. - – - – - – - – - – - - Absa has...
  5. Derrick

    Absa releases anti card skimming software

    Absa has reaffirmed its commitment to preventing financial fraud by implementing new anti card skimming technology on its ATMs called ‘Jitter’ software. Jitter causes a vibration to the ATM card reader which sends a disrupted signal to any illegal skimming device. This prohibits the copying...
  6. R13...

    ABSA now verify cash send transactions?

    Got a call from ABSA after making a cash send trans. Apparently scammers are exploiting this to get money out of people's accounts. I can see why they'd target it as the cold hard cash would be nice & untraceable! FICA working too well maybe? How do scammers manage this?! They'd need your...
  7. B

    Absa ends Sharks sponsorship

    http://www.sport24.co.za/Rugby/Absa-end-Sharks-sponsorship-20101026 no love lost... maybe it was time for them to move on considering their recent remarks... BYE ABSA...
  8. phoneJunky

    First Homeloan Payment question

    Hello guys. I just bought my first house and there is a couple of things I don't know that I think some of you guys might be able to help me with. I told the attorneys to make the payments the on the 26th as I get payed on the 25th. Now, the house was registered in my name last week and a few...
  9. J

    absa online security

    i always read about suckers who get caught with online banking emails where you "confirm" your data to a fraudulent entity. thought this would never even come near me. i mean i got newest nod32 which updates every day, i cant visit dodgy sites even if i wanted to (firewalls, monitoring), i...
  10. S

    SPAM, thank you ABSA for selling my Internet Banking email address

    See if this can help you! http://www.ispa.org.za/spam/identifying-south-african-spam/ Get the evil fukkers.
  11. Peon

    Dual-WAN Absa bank issue

    Hi Im currently sitting with an interesting issue. I have a corporate client using a BiGuard 30 Lite Dual-WAN router with two desktop modems. When anyone on the LAN attempts to login to the ABSA bank accounts over the internet, they get kicked out of the web page. Meaning they enter their...
  12. D

    ABSA at it again

    1) How much are you going to charge me for your Stop SMS? 2) SMS was this morning, didn't get any phone call today at all. 3) If I want any packages from you lot I'll go into the bank. 4) I've told you lot a few times already I'm busy and to send your marketing stuff by email and I'll have a...
  13. D

    ABSA, a bunch of communists

    http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=13&art_id=vn20081109100453836C711987 :mad:
  14. rpm

    Small step towards ICT convergence

    Small step towards ICT convergence
  15. rpm

    Cardless ATM service launched

    Cardless ATM service launched
  16. rpm

    Do you trust Telkom?

    Do you trust Telkom?
  17. M

    ABSA Credit Card

    Ok, so I decided that it's time to get one. It's not for extravagant shopping. I just often find the loveliest things on international websites(plus they're way cheaper) and I really wanna buy them. Even for some local websites too. Are there any catches/fine prints that I need to know of before...
  18. M


    I'm considering enabling EFT, so that I can make online purchases. Anyone using this? Is it safe? Any drawbacks? I'm with ABSA btw.
  19. rpm

    ABSA interest rate announcement

    Due to market conditions and the increase in the repo rate from 11.50 % to 12.00%, Absa announced that it will increase its prime overdraft rate by 0.50% to 15.50% effective from 13 June 2008. Absa also announced that its mortgage rates will be increased by 0.50% to 15.50% effective from 13...