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    Activation only between 8am and 1pm .... not on week-end or public holidays

    I know nothing can be done, but it is a little frustrating dealing with cool ideas... I have been with them for a couple of years, then I moved to a Vodacom Area, the line was installed yesterday morning, (well, as I told them, the line was there all along, I paid R1500 for the little Nokia...
  2. J

    Help, cannot cancel previous fibre package to install our own

    Hi I recently moved into a new place with a friend. There is a line currently active with an Internet Solutions package on it. We want our own 20/20 package but are unable to cancel this one to replace it and activate our own. The problem is that the previous tenant was with Webafrica and...
  3. G

    Upgraded to 100mb fibre at telkom.

    Hi, I upgraded to Fibre 100*(100 down,50up) on Telkom and I had a 10MB(10 down, 1up) uncapped adsl. Yesterday the fibre line was installed and the technician said wait 7 hours for the speed to get to max. Now my problem is its been more than a day and its still stuck at 10MB(10 down,10up)...
  4. Z

    Activating an account.

    Right guys its that time of the year to reactivate our DSTV account. We tried calling multi-choice for the past 3 days on their contact number, but it doesn't help, line is engaged. So now we tried to activate it on the internet, but lo and behold its even more complicated than it sounds, so...
  5. L

    MTN porting problem!

    My Blackberry and sim arrived on Mon, 20 June - I called immediately to activate the sim and was advised that my desire to port my number from Virgin Mobile was noted and it would take 24 - 48 hours. After 48 hours surpassed, I called again and was told it normally takes 72 hours. On Thursday, I...
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    Porting to a promotional data SIM? [solved]

    I am planning on getting the 2 gig Cell C Data Promotion SIM deal for use in my smartphone. According to the booklet that accompanies the Data Promotion bundles (Downloaded from Cell C website), it clearly states that the SIM can be used in a phone and can make calls. They say all calls will...