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    Can I sabotage my own ADSL line?

    Since moving about 18 months ago I have been having intermittent ADSL service. It goes out & needs a modem restart about once every 2 days. I pay for a 4mbps line but 2.8 is what I have asked them to sync it at, any higher and it starts to go out several times a day and can't always re-sync...
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    Upgrading line speed with Telkom

    I'm not sure if this has already been asked, so if it has sorry for the repeat and you can redirect me. I recently checked on the Telkom adsl checker for my line speed, it is as follows: ADSL Availability Service Available Maximum speed available in your area 1 Mbps Your Current...
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    Help with cheapest uncapped ADSL deals

    I am completely new to ADSL having previously only used the mobile networks. I needed advice as to who is the cheapest service provider for uncapped ADSL, including line rental. Also the importance of speed, although not too much downloading will be done. Thanks
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    Am I going to lose my 2Mbps connection?

    Telkom told me my line can only support a maximum of 1mbps, and I tested it on their online check and it showed 1mbps as well. But I am getting 2mbps currently. The technicians need to fiddle with the exchange box port or something because my voice line does not work (when I call my own number...
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    Telkom ADSL line upgrade

    good evening all :D According to Helkom, they were/are in the process of upgrading 384kb/s to 1mb/s, and all the rest.... Does anybody know what has/is happening to this process? It's almost the end to the first quarter of the year and still my father's ADSL line is running at 384kb/s:wtf...
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    Brynston / Slone Drive exchange problems

    Hi Guys, dont have the time to check every topic to see if im reposting but anyway... Is anybody having problems in the Brynston area with their DSL, i have 2 clients in the area and on a daily basis they complaining about the speeds nad one client even decided to go for a Mweb solution with...
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    Virgin Media's 50Mbps broadband faster than all known birds

    Virgin Media's 50Mbps broadband faster than all known birds. Forget that South African pigeon! More here
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    Simple ADSL Comparison

    Hi, I noticed many different threads where people post their settings and line speeds, but we need a central thread with one post for each user detailing their line and it's performance in a standard format. If there isn't already one, then I would like to start a simple comparison of our ADSL...
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    The Only Unproxified South African ISP

    I recently noticed that my ISP, CyberSmart, is no longer forcing their customers to go through their proxy! I have been doing an IP test regularly here and my results during the day are: Your IP address is Your reverse DNS resolves to...