Brynston / Slone Drive exchange problems


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Jul 21, 2009
Hi Guys, dont have the time to check every topic to see if im reposting but anyway...

Is anybody having problems in the Brynston area with their DSL, i have 2 clients in the area and on a daily basis they complaining about the speeds nad one client even decided to go for a Mweb solution with cisco routers, full un-shaped 4mb line at 2k pm and they still only getting 40kb downloads and shocking results.

Telkom said the exchange is overloaded but its not in their budget for this year, so they have to consider it for next year, but they cant say if that will even happen?!

any inside news, ideas to try? :confused:

Gtx Gaming

Gtx Gaming
Aug 25, 2008
lol telkom budget those okes drain the market empty of money!!

if they say its overloaded it is most probably :(

to make sure try webafrica account, free one.