1. R

    MS Exchange Alternative

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a similar solution to MS exchange. I need to manage around 12 email accounts (including that of the signatures/calendars/contacts). Are the any solutions you can recommend that can achieve the above? Cheers!
  2. J

    Coindirect - insolvent ?

    I tried to find another thread about coindirect in this forum but the only one I could find was about "Ask coindirect CPO" bla bla bla and that thread is closed. So here we go, I know of multiple people who have coins stuck on coindirect where they would get multiples stalling before any...
  3. blackguyza

    Stock exchange rate calculator and cryptocurrency

    For those who love money and cryptocurrency Found it on another board - this program shows which stock exchange is more profitable to buy and sell and which cryptocurrency The most powerful tool to help both novice and professional trader... * Contains a list of 30 popular exchanges * Able...
  4. ICE3X

    Ice Cubed cryptocurrency exchange ( - info and updates

    Hi guys, Just starting a thread here to post updates and info to keep people updated on this platform with things relating to the iceCUBED exchange ( Not everyone is on our facebook page or our twitter, so in future will post important status updates here too. I am not...
  5. D

    Cryptocurrency Trading

    I'm using Bitfinex at the moment which is quite involved. At the moment Neo is hitting 60% to BTC, quite something, How do you guys work out what price to buy and sell at? Could we use this thread to exchange ideas and hints how to trade cryptocurrencies? In this I picked the days start, the...
  6. midkemia

    IT Senior Technical Support - Tier 2 Team Leader/Manager

    Location or telecommuting: Southern Suburbs & available to travel within the greater Cape Town area. Permanent or part-time: Yes, either Junior, intermediary or senior: Senior Availability: November 2017 Experience: 10 years IT Administration & Support Technologies: Ms Exchange...
  7. K

    Better/cheaper Bitcoin Wallet - Luno or Xapo

    Hi all Sorry if this happens to have already been covered in a previous thread I would like to know which is the better and cheaper bitcoin wallet to use when buying and sending bitcoins in rands. I'm looking at either Luno or Xapo at the moment. Anyone have experience with both or can...
  8. A

    Exchange Funding (safer trading)

    This may help other amateur traders or financial risk adverse adventures. So I like to trade, but I also like to keep at least 40% of my capital in Fiat on the exchange. Currently I put a portion of that into funding. Sort of like passive income. I get about 2-3%/Month on Bitfinex. You offer...
  9. L

    Can't upgrade to 4MB line, too far from exchange???

    I've been using a 2MB Telkom adsl line for a few years. I have fibre at work so I'm ok. There is no fibre in my area so while waiting patiently I requested that I at least be upgraded to 4MB. I can see on the coverage map I can get 4MB. Yesterday after requesting the upgrade 2 times already, a...
  10. A

    Samsung Note 4 - HIT & RUN ! Need your considered opinions now please ?

    Hi all, :mad: Was being driven around by my 77 year old mom yesterday (joy! :sick:). Stopped in congested traffic outside the shopping centre, she opened the passenger window (my window) to let out the heat from being parked. My mom is ultra security conscious so it's probably a habit not...
  11. R

    Email Setup / Advice Needed

    Hi Guys, We have a company thats in the works and need an email setup that will serve around 60 e-mail addresses which will all be "". The email accounts will be created as the business grows. Currently we have around 15 email addresses set up with the hosting company who...
  12. W

    SharePoint 2013 Problems

    Good day, I have been trying to connect an MS Exchange calendar to SharePoint 2013 but I can't seem to find the Outlook Web Access URL and the Exchange Web Service URL. I have tried a bunch of combinations of the information I have, but nothing is working so far. Any Help? I would...
  13. J

    Disney Infinity Figurine Exchange/Trading

    I wanted to know where I can Exchange/Trade my Disney Infinity Figurines or if anyone is interested in trading. (preferably in the Gauteng Area)
  14. C

    adsl tweak possibility?

    Good Day, So i moved up to a new place here in pretoria ~2 months back, used telkom DSL checker, 10meg supported exchange (thought woohoo right?) wrong, i was on 2mb for a month, was okay, i decided to up to a 4meg, telkom then told me my line speed of 4mbps was unatainable due to "poor...
  15. B

    Gallo Manor ADSL Problems

    High packet loss (5-50%), high attenuation, high jitter (+- 50) Phone Number : 011 802 ADSL Line Speed : 4mbps ISP name : Mweb Uncapped Time : 24/7 - Since ADSL was first installed. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600] (c) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved...
  16. riverdusty

    Plumstead ADSL Problems

    Problem: Telkom Congested Exchange Exchange: 021 762 Line Speed: 2Mbs ISP: Mweb Premium 1Mbs Uncapped Occurance: All the time, more so at night. Traceroute: traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets 1 login.router ( 2.072 ms 1.559 ms 1.591 ms...
  17. G

    Internet speeds in Bergvliet. Can this really be due to a congested exchange?

    Greetings, Ever since the Telkom upgrades earlier this year, my internet experience has suffered. I used to play Battlefield 4 on my 4mbps uncapped Afrihost account last year but I have since downgraded to a 2mbps capped account in the hope of improving my internet but I am unable to play even...
  18. T

    Bryanston East: Telkom ADSL Exchange Issues

    Hi Guys I'm on 4Mbps Line with 4Mbps Business Uncapped @ Afrihost. Line has some packet loss and high latency, I think this might be due to a congested exchange. It would be really awesome if anyone could give me any information or advice on how to move to a possibly less congested...
  19. R

    ADSL Noordheuwel (krugersdorp) Problems!!!

    Extremely high latency after 4pm Noordheuwel (krugersdorp) ADSL problems For the past 2 months my latency has been revolting, reaching 300-400 ping as well as up to 25% packet loss after 4pm on weekdays and weekends, this is not the first time that this problem has occurred. Last year end...
  20. S

    Telkom Rep for ADSL

    Hi Guys, Is there a Telkom Rep on the Forums? I want to find out if my exchange is full as I am considering ADSL. Last time I applied there was no space.(Will this cause problems regarding congestion?) Is there maybe another way of getting this info apart from calling/visiting a Telkom store?