slow internet

  1. R

    4G? I don't think so

    Not worth R10 a month, IMHO. Anyone out there getting at least 10mbps down on rain?
  2. D

    Help! Poor quality line following upgrade (cybermart)

    So we've had a 2mb line with cybersmart for about a year, with very few problems and a good download speed (200-220kbs) and good international gaming latency (170m to EU servers). Recently (about 2 weeks ago) we decided to upgrade to a 4mb, hoping for better streaming and download speeds...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    It’s official: slow Internet stresses people out

    It’s official: slow Internet stresses people out A study measuring user reactions to network performance has shown that slow Internet causes heart rate and stress levels to increase.
  4. A

    Perfect torrent speeds but all other downloads are dial-up :confused:

    Hi guys, For the past year I've had terrible internet, i haven't been able to stream, YouTube or download anything using a browser or the steam client. Although if i use P2P i get perfect speeds of both upload(50Kbps) and download(380kbps). If I download anything using the browser I get speeds...
  5. M

    Internet insanely slow

    Hey guys, I had a 4mbps line but my internet stopped working. Mweb is my ISP while telkom supplies my line. After a long time i managed to get my line fixed (mweb did something funny). Ever since then however I've been getting speeds of maximum 0,5mbps... So I called up Telkom and asked them...
  6. K

    Weird access point issue with Galaxy Pocket Plus

    Hello people of the forums! This is rather obvious, but I'm new here. Well, sort of. I regularly visit the forums in search for solutions, and I always found them. Now, I've come across something that puzzles me, and I don't find anything in the forums. I should start by saying that I...
  7. S

    Anyone offer a data upload service in SA?

    Hi, I'd like to know if anyone provides a data upload service in SA? I live in the sticks with slow wireless and a bandwith cap, so not feasible to load many gigs of data to a cloud service. I'd like to send a hard-drive to a company that can upload all the initial data for me to the...
  8. N

    Telkom Line Test

    I cant find the reason for slow internet service. MWeb keeps refreshing my account and Telkom has done a port reset on the line, but just returns to slow speeds after 2-3 days. I have requested Telkom to come and check the lines and Billion 810 router AGAIN. :wtf: Any advice on what I should...
  9. 2

    Slow ADSL in Cape Town? (Claremont or Wynberg)

    Update: This issues seems to have been resolved on the 19 June. Fingers crossed. Update on this issue: If you are experiencing terrible speeds and latency after 5pm and are on the CLAREINCH exchange (Claremont, Rondebosch, Kenilworth), the issue is exchange related BUT please phone your ISP and...
  10. Ho3n3r

    Spoke too soon (regarding speed)

    Hi all Looks like I spoke too soon - my i5 promo was good for the whole of May, but since the first of June it's been atrociuos. Now I do not know if that's a coincidence or not, but I was still getting between 1 and 3.8 Mbps on the 2nd last day of May, when I ran out. Now, in June, I have...
  11. M

    apple macbook pro mtu

    hi, I am a windows user, but my cousins husband uses a macbook pro. The internet was a disaster on this macbook pro and after trying a lot of things I found the MTU was wrong. After changing the MTU to 1400 everything works fine. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences. Click...
  12. R

    Slow Cell C Internet Lately

    As of the past 2-4 days i have been experiencing slow internet with my E1820. I used to get download speeds of 120kbps-400kbps ( LOWER than what they promised and advertised like animals) Now i am getting 20kbps-70kbps which is just not acceptable for 3G and its not what i expected from CellC...
  13. T

    Brynston / Slone Drive exchange problems

    Hi Guys, dont have the time to check every topic to see if im reposting but anyway... Is anybody having problems in the Brynston area with their DSL, i have 2 clients in the area and on a daily basis they complaining about the speeds nad one client even decided to go for a Mweb solution with...
  14. B

    Horrible Cell C ping/response

    This is what i receive [not just today, almost most days] :mad: This is a ping this morning at 10am to 10h00 Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 94, Received = 21, Lost = 73 (77% loss) Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 269ms...
  15. B

    SLOW internet past few days?

    Is anyone else experiencing slow speeds? I'm running a 384k line and past few days I get 10kb/s IF I'm lucky:( "][/URL]
  16. A

    Telkom Local like a frog getting hit by a bus

    This is really bad, half the pages I click on don't load. I get a lot of 404s and everything is taking a long time. I've called technical 3 or 4 times, logged faults but all I get is some stupid person telling me I'm capped. As far as I can tell, most of SA isn't local, the domain isn't...
  17. B

    Airport slow to negotiate - iMac G5/Netgear DG834PN

    Hope there is some Mac people who can help with this problem. I have a wireless home network (Netgear DG834PN, DSL 4MBit) and an iMac G5 2.0GHz connected to it wirelessly, a Windows XP computer connected via Ethernet and another Windows XP laptop connected to the laptop over wireless. Also have...