Weird access point issue with Galaxy Pocket Plus


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Nov 26, 2013
Hello people of the forums!

This is rather obvious, but I'm new here. Well, sort of. I regularly visit the forums in search for solutions, and I always found them. Now, I've come across something that puzzles me, and I don't find anything in the forums. I should start by saying that I consider myself a phone OS expert. I can solve almost any problem, and I have set up innumerable Android phones. I have never received any complaints, and since I do it for friends and neighbors, I have never accepted any payment either (Nobody wants to give me biltong, I would accept that gladly!). I guess I just do it because I love tech.

Anyway, my mother recently got herself a new Galaxy Pocket Plus on a Cell C 100 contract. I hear that in the cities Cell C is bad, but here in the rural lowveld, coverage is good, and speed is too. I set up the phone for her, no problems there. But she complained about internet speed. It would take 10 minutes for the Facebook homepage to load on Opera Mini. I thought it a bit weird, but didn't get round to checking it out. I have a Windows Phone 8 device (Nokia Lumia 520), and I'm no stranger to proxies. I use one now and again on my phone to download apps on the store that isn't supposed to work on my phone, e.g. Nokia Camera or Nokia Refocus. I've yet to figure out how to download the complete Audio app, but that's another story. RogueCode would know more about that.

So when my sister also started complaining, (she has the normal Pocket), I had a little look. I couldn't find anything obviously wrong, but Whatsapp messages refused to deliver if the app isn't open, Browsers were slow as ****, etc. It stumped me. On an impulse, I checked the access points, and hit pay dirt. On both phones the normal CellC Internet access point wasn't there, and CellC WAP GPRS was default. And for some or other reason, that uses a proxy. So I deleted it, and re-requested the settings. All three came: MMS, Internet, and WAP GPRS. I saved all three, but for some reason, Internet didn't save, and once again WAP GPRS (with proxy) was default. I once again deleted it, and re-requested. This time, I only saved MMS and Internet, and viola! Problem solved. On both phones, everyting internet related is now pretty fast, as it should be.

And now for the tl;dr. Please tell me why CellC's WAP GPRS has a proxy, and why does Internet disappear and why is WAP GPRS saved as default?

All the previous Androids I have set up were either VodaCom or MTN, so this is the first time I have come across this. Any info regarding this weird problem will be appreciated!

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Neels Claasen