1. B

    Can sites like Reddit see your real IP address when you're behind a proxy?

    I was trying to create a reddit account but didn't want to use my real IP address for it. So when I was trying to find a working proxy I kept refreshing the site to test each one, then when I found one it told me they have been getting too much requests from my computer and I had to wait like...
  2. threegee

    ISP's using hidden cacheing devices but DENY they exist.

    I am now on my second Wireless ISP in a year. The first started giving major problems with various things becoming very slow and I proved they were cacheing on their network but when questioned they denied it. Several months of this back and forth complaining I eventually got one of their sales...
  3. R

    My own Netflix DNS proxy- Need 10 testers

    Hello, This is my first post here I created my own Netflix DNS proxy and I need 10 testers Only SNI devices are supported Available sites: Netflix Hulu HBO Amazon Prime US Amazon Prime UK Crackle Pandora Vudu Blinkbox ABC Fox NBC ESPN PBS CWTV Spike Mtv...
  4. L

    Websocket to Socket Gateway (and a contest)

    Seasons Greetings... I created which, like the title says, is a websocket to socket gateway. So far so good! The problem is, my design skills are on par with the person who sh@t out the blueprint for the PT Cruiser. So if any web designer(s) is/are feeling generous and...
  5. DrJohnZoidberg

    How restrictive is your office internet access?

    I recently had to block all non work related websites for some staff at our office, was just wondering how much your workplace allows you to access. Also, if you're the admin what tools are you using for this, what kind of restrictions are you implementing and what are the tricks your users...
  6. K

    Weird access point issue with Galaxy Pocket Plus

    Hello people of the forums! This is rather obvious, but I'm new here. Well, sort of. I regularly visit the forums in search for solutions, and I always found them. Now, I've come across something that puzzles me, and I don't find anything in the forums. I should start by saying that I...
  7. V

    How do I open ports with iBurst?

    I have tried opening the ports in question via my router, but the ports remained closed. Then I ran a test to see if my connection to iBurst is through a proxy, and it came out positive. Does it mean that I have to phone iBurst to ask them to open the ports for my specific modem?
  8. PhreeMe

    IE 10 not saving Proxy - Win 8

    Hi guys I purchased a Win 8 Pro licence to test on our network (at work) to see how many issues may arise from an OS upgrade. I've encountered a fairly serious problem, where IE10 does not save the Proxy settings. I've tried adding the config script as well as manual settings, both of...
  9. J

    Downloading torrents on a shaped line

    Hi everyone I have a 1MB shaped Telkom line. I used to download torrents throughout the day at about 100 kb/s but since a few days ago, my torrents only download between midnight and 8am. I know that that's how a shaped line is supposed to work but it's not working for me. Is there a way...
  10. LazyLion

    Pirate Bay Censorship Backfires as New Proxies Bloom lol... the site that would not die! :D
  11. LazyLion

    HideMyAss didn't HideHisAss! So much for Anonymising Proxy Services! :D
  12. D

    My site is caching on vodacom 3g

    I would like to know how to stop vodacom 3g from caching the contents of my site, I set the headers and not to cache and I still get the same problem. It works fine on adsl and browsing from other networks, mtn and cell c, so I am certain the problem is with the vodacom proxy please help!
  13. D

    Ubuntu Proxy Config [HELP]

    Hey guys, how is everyone doing? I recently did a complete format of my drive and replaced Win7 with Ubuntu 11.10. Problem is that it all forms part of a campus network, and I am having trouble setting up my proxies in order to use the software manager. My browser and chat clients work fine...
  14. LazyLion

    Mweb Proxy Server?

    Does Mweb still have a proxy server that I can put into my LAN settings under Internet Options. I want to try this and see if it will then allow my downloads for the Medemass Elixir Medical Software on a Client's system. The updates are being blocked and I can't figure out why. I've tried...
  15. ControlAltDelete

    how do i connect wow via proxy?

    i have this proxy its an HTTP proxy and i checked it withProxifier and its working fine, but when i launch apps with it that i have created thhe rules all it does it say the the app couldnt connect example: 21:10] ACBSP.exe - open [21:10] ACBSP.exe - close, 177...
  16. M

    squid, wordpress and blogs...

    so i've developed a site for a client in wordpress. i put it up on a demo url but some of the css and js doesn't work when browsing behind their lan. squid is blocking wordpress sites aka "blogs/personal pages". which seems a bit ridiculous, but i'm not sure there's a lot i can do about it...
  17. R

    Android - no proxy settings?

    Why does Android not support proxy settings? Any student or corporate user need to connect to internet at work through some sort of proxy server. Major FAIL on Android not to support proxies! Any workaround to get proxy settings recognised on Android? Will support for proxy be included in...
  18. D

    a proxy server that will work

    i always listened to a radio station out in the U.S. and then one day it said i cant listen bcos im not in their zone. please could someone advise me on what proxy to use or how to get around this thanks darren
  19. V

    SSH Tunneling

    Hi All This is my situation at present, I am a border and my school has officially gone wonky with internet restrictions. They've installed OpenDNS and put the filtering on beyond maximum and added quite a few custom restrictions to their firewall (Like Gmail for some unknown reason!!!) :wtf...
  20. R

    ADSL Proxy

    Hi Guys, Would it be possible to set up an "ADSL Proxy"? That is, one site with a 4MB uncapped service and multiple clients using it as a proxy connecting over local bandwidth? Any potential drawbacks or legal implications?