1. S

    Where can i find old PVC billboards??

    Ive had an idea recently, and i ave seen a company that does this, but i need help finding where i can find old used billboards. Does anyne here have any idea where these signs are taken and who i might or can speak to to find out if i can take a billboard or two off their hands? I know plenty...
  2. Jamie McKane

    Where to advertise in tough economic times

    Where to advertise in tough economic times South Africa's economy is in a tough spot and businesses are under pressure to perform on limited budgets. For businesses which want to succeed, however, there is good news - a new report shows that online marketing provides the best return on...
  3. M

    Audio Streaming

    I have a client that needs the following solutions: Want their marketing department to track their listenership (how many listeners per certain interval) Livestream both radio stations (to their website, Youtube and Facebook) Advert management system (a client should get automated report on...
  4. P

    I recently registered a new outdoor advertising business and need funding.

    Hi everyone! I recently registered an outdoor advertising business, I have all relevant documents from CIPC and SARS, now the only hold-up or delay I am encountering now is funding issues, I need to buy equipment to start working because I already have 2 potential clients who are just waiting...
  5. G

    [APP] Top Trader - Digital

    The Top Trader app looks like a great concept for marketing your products/brands/services to retailers and consumers. Its a useful and user friendly App for business owners and consumers to have in South Africa and neighboring countries. Likes: -Free App -Easy to navigate...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Online advertisers sign up to Coalition for Better Ads

    Online advertisers sign up to Coalition for Better Ads A coalition of major advertising associations has called on the online ad industry to stop using annoying commercials on the web, as they contribute to the increasing use of ad blockers, Reuters reported.
  7. X

    Looking for small business clients for my freelance web development business

    Hi, I am looking for small business clients for my freelance web development business. I am based in Cape Town. I've been building WordPress websites for around 5 years and Nodejs, Meteor for around 14 months. So I am a full-stack javascript developer that can build custom web apps, hybrid...
  8. Johnatan56

    Dear RPM

    Hi rpm, There are two things I would like to ask of you, Firstly, may I ask why you have chosen to disallow members posting within the IT Jobs section of the site. The main reason I have come to gather is that a job "recruiter" was called out on lousy job posts and then complained to you...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Advertising malware targets South African smartphones

    Advertising malware targets South African smartphones Cyber criminals are targeting South African mobile phones with malicious software designed to push unwanted advertising.
  10. G

    Starting a website to generate avertizing income from Nigeria

    Is there still revenue to be made through advertising? Especially in a country like Nigeria. Last years google search terms in Nigeria included "Nigerian newspapers" as a top search term. I'm looking to capitalize on this. I have registered the domain and I'm...
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Facebook planning new advertising model

    Facebook planning new advertising model Facebook Inc is set to unveil a new advertising platform to improve effectiveness of online ads
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Amazon to take on Google in Internet advertising

    Amazon to take on Google in Internet advertising US online giant Amazon is preparing to take on Google in one of its core businesses, Internet advertising
  13. jes

    MTN out for revenge, says Cell C

    MTN was out for revenge: Cell C Cell C lodged a complaint against MTN’s advertising, arguing that MTN’s advertising is motivated purely by revenge
  14. DJ...

    ASA rules against Axxess in matter relating to free speed upgrades...

    A link to the original thread - History: Axxess advertised free speed upgrades for all existing and new customers late last year. In their advertising they created the impression that all customers would be upgraded free of charge to a...
  15. J

    Twitter advertisers zone-in on users

    Twitter helps advertisers target users Twitter is introducing a new tool to help advertisers more specifically target users’ interests
  16. QuintonB

    Facebook ads move to mobile apps focus

    Facebook ads target mobile apps Facebook plans to engage in a new type of mobile advertising based on the apps used by consumers
  17. LazyLion

    Growing anger over ASA refusal to rule on govt ads promoting POIB Another SA watchdog heading down the tubes! :(
  18. C, "Free" Shipping and Promotional Vouchers

    Be warned:'s clear and obvious advertisement for "Free" shipping on all orders above R 250.00 is not entirely truthful. If you intend to redeem a promotional voucher when you place your order, you have to ensure that the amount *after* the voucher has been redeemed is still over...
  19. LazyLion

    One little girl appears in Apple AND Samsung commercials. The Face of Mobile?
  20. N

    DSTV - Advertising during live sports broadcast

    Does anyone know if DSTV is allowed to reduce the screen/picture size to allow for banner advertising during live sporting events. This has become a huge annoyance, and I see it happens more frequently during the live sports broadcast recently. We are paying a subscription to DSTV for such...