1. PrimeSteak

    Applying to universities with only your statement of results

    Hey guys, so I was wondering, is it possible to use your statement of results to apply to universities? I matriculated last year and of course got my statement of results, but I haven't got my actual Matric Certificate yet. I don't even know when we are going to get it because it is already...
  2. S

    Advice on Building Web and App from nothing

    Hi BB, I'm sitting with an idea which could potentially turn into a good business and help many others along the way. The idea will need a cloud based web portal for clients and a mobile app (iOS and Android) for end users but the problem I have is that I have no capital to invest and no...
  3. Dimagi

    Dimagi is Hiring for Applications Engineer!

    Dimagi is looking for an Applications Engineer to join our New Delhi, India or Cape Town, South Africa team. We are a small and growing social enterprise with offices around the world. Our systems are deployed globally, including in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States. We offer a...
  4. M

    VACANCY: Senior Application Development Team Leader

    Location: Pretoria Position type: Permanent Salary: R45000 - R60000 per month CTC RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Provide thought leadership regarding the application of technology to resolve logistics and supply chain challenges (and efficiency improvements in general) Leadership and...
  5. M

    is 300mb for an iPhone4 enough for a month?

    I'm worried about 300mb not being enough per month for me on my Vodacom contract. I doubt I'd really browse web sites that much, the apps that I'll run would be: Whatsapp Twitter Facebook email Instagram That's basically it.
  6. jes

    What can we expect from Augmented Reality applications?

    What can we expect from Augmented Reality applications? Can augmented reality be used for more than video games and overlaying geotagged data?
  7. jes

    Android app roundup

    Android app roundup With thousands of Android apps to choose from everyone has their favourite. These are some out our picks
  8. jes

    10 great open source applications for Windows

    10 great open source applications for Windows Give open source software a spin. MyBroadband looks at 10 applications you can run on Windows.
  9. jes

    Run Windows apps on Chrome OS

    Run Windows apps on Chrome OS A free app from Citrix systems will allow Google customers to run Windows “business applications” directly on the web giant's new operating system
  10. T

    Job applications

    Hi everyone :) I'm quite new to the job market, as such. When I started working, I took the first offer that came my way, and have been there ever since. However I'm now at a point where I don't think that my career is progressing as fast as it should. My questions are: 1) Is it...
  11. P

    GPS Apps

    Which is your favourite GPS app for the iPhone? At the moment I am using Navigon and I find it to be very good but was wondering if anything is better?
  12. LazyLion

    Google's Chrome OS: Will you give up desktop apps?;wrapper See also.... Pictures and Screen Shots and what were live updates from today's announcement.
  13. S

    GSMArena review of Skype on iPhone.

    Read more here.
  14. T

    How to slow down a application in win xp?

    I know this is a weird question but is there any freeware apps that slow down a application :confused:... Reason being is that I need to capture some information :p
  15. M

    Software sites

    Please post software sites here.