1. S

    [Sale] 3 x Smok Vape Tanks

    Item: Smok TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank (black) + spare RBA glass (extended glass for RBA coil) + spare rubbers and gasket. No coils included. Age: 1 year Warranty: No Packaging: Yes Condition: Good - works perfectly, but has some minor scratches due to regular use / wear and tear Location...
  2. S

    Do infrared cameras disturb babies sleep?

    Hi all, Has anyone experienced issues with baby monitors infrared light disturbing babies sleep? I have one on her and I’m not sure if it’s irritating her. New parent issues!!! I’ll turn if off her now and disable the infrared but if anyone has had the same or similar issue please shed...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Great tech for new mothers and their babies

    Best tech for new mothers and their babies Becoming a parent is a challenging task – fortunately there’s a lot of technology available to make the job a little easier.
  4. C

    Nanny is HIV+

    We have just hired a new nanny (since 1 Sep 2014) to look after our 3 month old baby full time in our house. She got sick and landed in hospital last Sunday (Still there) and yesterday we found out she is HIV+ and has Spinal cord TB. She is very ill and we don't know how advanced she is or how...
  5. I

    16 women freed from ‘baby factory’

    How much are you prepared to pay for a new born, Nigerian child? On the 'black market' they go for 2000 to 2500 Rand. WTF My puppy was more expensive. How on earth can humans behave like that? And are this babies bought to be used for 'muti' on the 'local' market? Africa is both, sick and...
  6. LazyLion

    Truck Kills Toddler Playing on Sidewalk :(
  7. I

    This like this break my heart

    And I am by no means a softy. Yes, one can go on and on and reason this and that and who is guilty and who not but really. Certain individuals have to endure suffering for no guilt of their own. WTF
  8. LazyLion

    Woman's Paternity claim against Justin Bieber backfires: Police to investigate Bwahaha, here's a tip.... before you claim that you had sex with someone, better make sure that they were of legal age! :D
  9. LazyLion

    Pit Bulls Chew off Baby's Testicles,0,4323262.story
  10. S

    Bulgarian girl, 11, gives birth to her daughter... on her wedding day.

    Bulgaria for ya! :eek: Age of consent is 14! :eek: WTF is jailbait then in that country! :erm:
  11. S

    Mom, 18, stubbed out cigarette on her baby.

    Crazy bitch should be burned! :mad: Linkage
  12. M

    The amazing images of a heroic orang-utan

  13. M

    Baby Born In Bay Area With 12 Functioning Fingers, 12 Toes

    Baby born with 12 functioning fingers, 12 toes More...