black friday

  1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Biggest Black Friday spenders in SA for 2023

    Biggest Black Friday spenders in SA for 2023 There were several shoppers in South Africa who spent hundreds of thousands of rands during Black Friday 2023. According to data from most major banks and big payment gateways, overall spending values and volumes on Black Friday itself declined or...
  2. Toff

    PS5 In-Store Black Friday Deals - Which Stores?

    Thinking of doing it old school style and standing in line to get a hugely discounted PS5 on Friday. Does any body have an idea of which stores I should try that will likely have these discounts?
  3. D

    Telkom black friday

    I see that Telkom has a count down on their website for some black friday deals. Anyone interested in what they going to offer this year?
  4. Hanno Labuschagne

    Dreamware, Progenix, and Wootware detail Black Friday deals

    Dreamware, Progenix, and Wootware detail Black Friday deals At least three of South Africa's major online PC retailers are offering Black Friday deals this year. PC components and peripherals are consistently among the product categories with discounts over the annual shopping event.
  5. Hanno Labuschagne

    PlayStation announces Black Friday 2023 offers — 12% off a standard PS5 console

    PlayStation announces Black Friday 2023 offers — 12% off a standard PS5 console Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed its Black Friday 2023 deals for PlayStation hardware and games. The offers will be available from 17 to 30 November 2023 and will include discounts on PS5 consoles and...
  6. Jan

    Retailers gearing up for Black Friday 2023

    Black Friday bonanza expected in South Africa in 2023 Many South African technology companies, retailers, and eCommerce players are gearing up for big Black Friday deals this year. This year, Black Friday takes place on 24 November. This is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States and...
  7. L

    RSAWEB Price Increase on BF Special

    I am currently on the BF special with RSAWEB where I am paying R685 pm for the Vumatel FTTH 500/200Mbps Uncapped line. Was promised that the price would remain that for the first 12 months. My statement for June now shows an invoice for R1,039.13. Anyone else with RSAWEB whose BF deal was...
  8. Jan

    Takealot reveals Black Friday best-sellers, and that someone blew R190,179 in one order

    Someone spent R190,179 at Takealot on Black Friday — these were its best-sellers CEO Frederik Zietsman says the online retailer had a record-breaking Black Friday. The most orders placed by a single customer on the day was 58, and the biggest single basket value was R190,179.
  9. Jan

    PayFast reports someone already spent R200,000 on Cyber Monday

    One Cyber Monday shopper in South Africa spent R200,000 One South African shopper has already spent R200,000 across four transactions on Cyber Monday deals, PayFast's Black Friday / Cyber Monday dashboard shows. As of 15:00 on Monday, 28 November 2022, the biggest single transaction was...
  10. Jan

    FNB reveals its customers spent R3 billion on Black Friday

    FNB customers spent R3 billion on Black Friday — here is what they bought FNB said its customers spent over R3 billion on Black Friday last week, the highest amount in the past four years. The bank said in excess of R2.4 billion was spent in-store, an increase of 18% from the previous year...
  11. Jan

    PayFast data shows average Black Friday shopper spent R1,255

    Average South African Black Friday shopper spent R1,255 The average South African Black Friday basket spend was R1,255 this year, with one shopper spending R397,217 split over two transactions, PayFast has revealed. The average spend is slightly higher than 2021's R1,208 per basket, and 70% of...
  12. Jan

    Black Friday deals on generators, portable power stations, and inverter trollies

    Best Black Friday load-shedding deals Black Friday is here, and with the current load-shedding situation in the country, many South Africans may be looking to get a good deal on a backup power system. MyBroadband looked for some of the best Black Friday deals on generators, inverter trollies...
  13. Jan

    And we're off! Black Friday 2022 shopper spends nearly R397,217 in 2 transactions

    One South African Black Friday shopper has already spent nearly R400,000 PayFast's BFCM 2022 statistics portal is live, allowing users to track spending by South African shoppers over this year's Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. Founded in 2007, PayFast has become one of South Africa's...
  14. Jan

    Black Friday 2022 deal roundup

    Best Black Friday deals in South Africa Black Friday is only a few hours away, and major retailers, online stores, mobile networks, and service providers are offering big discounts on various tech and other products. While several retailers and service providers have been offering extended...
  15. Jan

    Companies running Black Friday 2022 promotions in South Africa

    Black Friday 2022 — where to find the best deals in South Africa Numerous South African businesses are offering big discounts on a wide range of products and services for this year's Black Friday. Big-name brands, online stores, general goods retailers, fashion outlets, mobile networks...
  16. Jan

    Game's closing down thirteen stores - and 108 open for Black Friday

    Game's plan to close down thirteen stores Game has not yet initiated closure procedures at three of the remaining stores it selected to close down, the retailer's parent company Massmart has told MyBroadband. In September 2022, Game announced it would run clearance sales at an initial eight of...
  17. Jan

    Rain Black Friday 2022 deal - join for R1, three-month speed upgrade

    Rain launches R1 Black Friday deal Rain kicked off its R1 Black Friday deal on 18 November 2022, allowing new customers to join its network for R1 and get a free three-month speed upgrade. The deal will run until 30 November 2022, and existing customers will also benefit from the special, with...
  18. Jan

    Game releases Black Friday game on Roblox

    We played Game's Black Friday "metaverse" game — and it was pretty fun Game has launched its The Black Friday Game in the Roblox “metaverse” on Monday, offering players a chance to win a share of R10,000 in store vouchers. Although Game is taking some creative licence with the term...
  19. Jan

    PlayStation Black Friday 2022 deals launched

    PlayStation launches Black Friday 2022 deals Sony has launched its PlayStation Black Friday 2022 sale, offering significant savings on PS4 and PS5 games and discounted PS Plus memberships. The discounted games are available online from the PlayStation Store and include Sony's premium...
  20. Jan

    iStore Black Friday 2022 deals

    iStore launches Black Friday sale — with iPhones starting from R6,999 Popular South African Apple reseller iStore has launched its Black Friday 2022 sale. From Monday, 21 November 2022, to Sunday, 27 November 2022, it is offering substantial discounts on iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches...