black friday

  1. Jan

    New record for biggest single transactions on Black Friday and Cyber Monday - R4 million

    Someone blew R4 million on Black Friday in South Africa Payment service provider BankservAfrica says that it recorded a R4 million transaction through its 3D-Secure online card authentication service on Black Friday. BankservAfrica chief business officer Martin Grunewald said 738,490...
  2. Jan

    Biggest single Black Friday transactions recorded in 2021

    South Africa's biggest Black Friday spenders — including one who spent R697,000 Several Black Friday shoppers in South Africa spent hundreds of thousands of rand in single transactions during Black Friday 2021.
  3. Jan

    FNB clients spent R80 million in eBucks over Black Friday weekend

    R80 million in eBucks spent on Black Friday FNB has revealed its customers spent almost R80 million's worth of eBucks during its Black Friday Weekend. This was 40% more than what was spent over the same period last year.
  4. Jan

    Biggest Black Friday transaction on Standard Bank - R450k

    One Black Friday shopper blew R450,000 in a single transaction A Standard Bank customer spent R450,000 rand in one transaction on Black Friday this year, while another managed to process 79 transactions during the sales. Further data revealed that FNB saw Black Friday spending increase by 19%...
  5. Jan

    Cyber Monday tech deal round-up

    Best Cyber Monday tech deals in South Africa There are many Cyber Monday deals available in South Africa for shoppers who missed out on Black Friday last week.
  6. Jan

    OneDayOnly robbed before Black Friday

    OneDayOnly hit by large robbery before Black Friday Popular online store OneDayOnly was the victim of a large robbery on Friday morning, with criminals using large trucks to carry all the stolen products. MyBroadband learned that the criminals left OneDayOnly’s warehouse in multiple 8-ton...
  7. Jan

    Black Friday 2021 deals roundup

    Best Black Friday 2021 deals in South Africa Black Friday 2021 has begun. Here are some of the best deals on offer right now.
  8. Jan

    Vodacom 600GB for R299 Black Friday deal tested

    We tested Vodacom’s 600GB for R299 Black Friday deal — with impressive results MyBroadband bought Vodacom's Black Friday data deal, which offers 600GB of data for R299, and put the service through its paces. Here is what we found.
  9. Jan

    Liesbeek Action Campaign marches against Amazon in Cape Town on Black Friday

    Black Friday march against Amazon in Cape Town An action group will be holding a march on Black Friday, 26 November 2021, to voice its opposition to the construction of Amazon's new South African headquarters. The Liesbeek Action Campaign, which claims to represent the San and Khoi...
  10. Jan

    Where to find the best Black Friday 2021 deals

    Black Friday 2021 in South Africa — Where to find the best deals Black Friday 2021 takes place on 26 November, and several retailers, service providers, and manufacturers are expected to offer South African customers a wide range of deals. Deals will be available both online and in-store, and...
  11. Jan

    iStore Black Friday specials launched

    iStore launches Black Friday 2021 deals — Big specials on MacBooks, AirPods, and AirTags The iStore has launched its 2021 Black Friday sale, offering discounts on many Apple products and accessories and other high-end tech. Deals are available on Macs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, AirTags...
  12. Jan

    South Africa's online retailers on Black Friday order delivery times

    Black Friday 2021 delivery times in South Africa — What to expect South African retailers are getting ready to deliver a rush of orders during Black Friday 2021.
  13. Jan

    Game Black Friday price beat promise tested

    We tested Game’s Black Friday price beat promise Redeeming Game’s price beat promise on early Black Friday deals at one of its stores in Gauteng proved to be seamless, a real-world test showed. At the beginning of October, Game announced that it will extend its price beat guarantee to specials...
  14. Jan

    MTN Black Friday specials - cheap smartphones and double data deals

    MTN Black Friday deals revealed — Double data and cheap smartphones MTN has revealed a range of data deals and cheap smartphone contracts for its Black Friday 2021 promotion. The specials on offer include two MyMTN Home data deals with double their regular data allocations. These come with a...
  15. Jan

    Early Black Friday deliveries from five retailers tested

    Early Black Friday deliveries tested — excellent results, but we are still waiting for one package Real-world testing by MyBroadband revealed that Takealot and Makro had the best delivery speeds, while OneDayOnly was the worst.
  16. Jan

    Ultra-large TV early Black Friday specials in South Africa

    Big Black Friday specials on ultra-large TVs in South Africa Many South African retailers have slashed the price of ultra-large TVs as part of early Black Friday specials.
  17. Jan

    Pick n Pay early Black Friday deals launched

    Pick n Pay reveals early Black Friday deals — R6,499 for a 50-inch 4K TV Pick n Pay has launched its early online-only Black Friday deals, which includes discounts on TVs, laptops, and other electronics.
  18. Jan

    "Black November" smartphone deals

    Best early Black Friday smartphone deals — Including the iPhone 12 Pro With the 26th of November fast approaching, South African retailers are offering deals on a range of smartphones as part of their extended Black Friday promotions. Retailers such as Takealot, Everyshop, and Hi-Fi...
  19. Jan

    Global chip shortage threatens Black Friday in South Africa - suppliers

    Threat to Black Friday in South Africa With Black Friday and Christmas looming, the global chip shortage could result in the price of electronic goods rising, according to a City Press report. The global shortage will not be rectified anytime soon. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said it could take...
  20. Jan

    Early "Black November" tech deals under R2,000

    Best early Black Friday deals under R2,000 Retailers across South Africa launched their extended Black Friday promotions, with several companies offering reduced prices throughout the month of November. Stores including Takealot, Everyshop, Incredible Connection, and Hi-Fi Corporation are...