1. S

    What would you like to see on a fitness/health/lifestyle vlog

    Hi Guys, I'm starting a youtube channel/vlog in which I'd like to share workouts and advice as I get asked quite a lot of the same questions by friends and on social media. So my question(s) is(are): What would you like to see, and not like to see on a fitness/health/lifestyle vlog? What...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    You will soon be able to blog at .blog

    You will soon be able to blog at .blog The creators of WordPress have won the auction to administer the .blog domain.
  3. O

    The best online platform for my hobby Photoshop creations?

    So I've been Photoshop-ing quite a bit recently and there's an increasing collection of my meager creations that I'd like to share with the world. I'm looking for a good, free, online blogging/website platform that will be most suitable for this particular purpose. Would tumblr do the job? On...
  4. S

    Would you like to blog?

    Hey Mzansi peeps I have an idea that has been always on my mind ever since I started blogging. I thought I could share on this forum to see if anyone would be interested. After returning to the MyBB forums this year I realized there are many South African people who would like to start...
  5. W

    Former South African & ex-Sunday Times journalist Jani Allan is on line if not in SA

    Her blog can be found at: She is also tweeting. Back in 1998 when Allan was a columnist for MWeb's Cape Town Live and hosted one of South Africa's first internet discussion forums (Remember Woza and the M&G's Biltong Blues?), Cyberjani's Talkback - no...
  6. S

    Free Wordpress Blogging options

    If you feel the time has come to begin blogging about something you're passionate about, we now offer myBB members the following: Option 1. If you host your domain with another host, with limited space etc, ask their support team to set up an A record in the DNS of your domain, which routes...
  7. K

    My Blackberry Blog

    Hey Everyone :D (or specifically BlackBerry fans) I have started a Blackberry blog on blogspot, just for fun and mostly because im really into them. and wondered if you guys could have a look at it and tell what you think about it :) (I am asking you guys cos no one I know knows **** about...
  8. E

    Business Bloggers

    I'm looking for bloggers who are documenting their journey in starting their own business. Can anyone recommend a blog/blogger(s)?
  9. C

    BlackBerry Blog - Looking for contributors

    Hey all, Hope this post is seen in the right light. is currently looking for some more authors, if you have a love for BlackBerry and feel like you are a good writer / think you have something interesting to say - please feel free to give blogging a go! Any blogging...
  10. Derrick

    How to get your own blog going!

    Okay, I recently went through the process of setting up my own blog. I’ve done it before but never like I did it recently. I was like a man about to meet his maker! I went in on every imaginable site to look for stuff to add to my domain at I read every FAQ on how to make sure...
  11. jes

    Vietnamese socio-political commentary blog hacked

    Vietnamese socio-political commentary blog hacked A well-known political and social blog in Vietnam has been hacked, its founder said Thursday, adding to what watchdogs say is a mounting crackdown in the country.
  12. C

    Nokia makes apps more appealing

    Looks like Nokia has switched over to operating billing, should have a dramatic increase in the number of downloaded pay for apps. I wish now that I hadn't submitted my app free on Ovi. Found the story on the Nokia SA blog -...
  13. B

    What to do with the domain?

    I recently registered the domain and need some ideas on what to do with it. Should I use it purely as a blog or should I look at making it an interactive site with forums and discussions etc. I does have quite a high google ranking for the word braai. What CMS should I use...
  14. E

    Which cell phone blog?

    Hi there . Which is the best blog for cell phones ? A local site that has info on what's new , when phones will arrive ect. Thanks.
  15. allen5924

    Photography Sites / Blogs

    Hi Everyone, Do any of you guys have photography sites or blogs that I can follow? Even if it's a Flickr or DeviantART etc gallery, let's see them! My links: DeviantART (most art here), Flickr, Wordpress Blog, Blogger Blog, CarbonMade etc... Post yours here!!
  16. F

    Best Football Blogs on the internet?

    I was wondering which football blogs you consider as some of the best on the internet. I dont have much free time so I don't read that many but three that I really enjoy readig are, and I find the content on Arseblog and Kopblog to be both...
  17. B

    So how's your blog going?

    What are you blogging about? Is your blog linked to you work? Or, something your doing on the side, hobby perhaps? Passion? Are you enjoying it? or reluctantly blogging? Are you making money from it and how long have you been doing it for? Of course to do it properly, medium to long...
  18. rpm

    Jake White launches blog, Youtube channel

    Jake White launches blog, Youtube channel
  19. D

    Ways to make extra money

    Please post your ideas and/or suggestions.
  20. B

    Fake Steve calling it a day?

    Fake Steve Jobs may be calling it a day! I'll wait and see if this is really the case since this is not the first time that FSJ has posted that he is leaving. Last time he scored a sponsorship deal from his employer. Maybe this has got to do with his move to Newsweek?