1. Foxhound5366

    Your Febuworry planning tool

    So I've always had a budget spreadsheet, but it never easily answered key questions for me (without further calculations): 1) How had my planned expenses changed over the month? 2) How much had I actually spent on ad-hoc expenses and how much did I have left to pay? 3) Did I have enough money to...
  2. A

    Laptop on a budget for BSc Comp Sci Student

    Hey guys Can you please suggest good laptops (on a budget) that will get me through 3/4 years studying BSc Comp Sci (at UNISA) beginning next year. Maybe you know of good sites to purchase online? Do you suggest I wait for Black Friday deals?
  3. G

    HP Omen 15 i5 or Lenovo Y520 i5 ?

    Need help choosing between these two laptops. Can get an Omen from I.C here in East London or order the Lenovo from Evetech. Just want to know what other peoples opinions and experiences have been with the two machines. Planning on keeping tit for the next few years so don't want to make the...
  4. Z

    Mobile phones on special from GearBest.com!

    Hey everybody, Since Gearbest.com is advertising on the main MYBB page with our assistance, we thought we could create a thread for every special that takes place. We are here to assist people who want to order, explain how it works, how shipping works, how customs works, etc. The aim is to...
  5. Budza

    Budget SSD for PC upgrade

    I'm sure many of you get the 'how can I speed up my PC question' from friends/family. The easy answer, is to add an SSD. So, for an intermediate user, is 120GB enough? I'd say so, especially if the old drive is relocated to the DVD bay or an external enclosure. SATA is fine for most of...
  6. rapidblue

    Best budgeting app - YNAB - 2 months free

    I've been using YNAB (You Need a Budget) for a number of years now and it's BY FAR the best envelope budgeting app available (and envelope budgeting is the only way to go if you really serious about your money)... They offer a free 34 day trial and now, using the referral link below, they...
  7. D

    Budget Windows Laptop

    Evening folks, Looking for some help since I'm a bit out of touch with this range of products. What's the best available entry-est level budget machine that runs Windows? It could be a tablet+keyboard combo, or pretty much anything similar. The user has a budget of up to R3000, and would like...
  8. G

    Budget smartwatch

    Hi I saw this on groupon https://www.groupon.co.za/deals/gg-free-delivery-33-159 and was just wondering if anyone has experience with it, or can recomend any other products. Thanks
  9. M

    Budget Cars with best resell value

    I am looking at buying a new car. I however cann spend more than 70K car cannot be older than 10 years. I would also like to know which cars have a good resell value. I was looking at these ones: 1. Hyundai i10 2. Kia Picanto 3. Toyota Yaris Which one of these would be the best?:)
  10. B

    Compact budget phone

    I'm looking for a compact (4 - 4.7 inch screen) phone on a tight budget (up to R2 000ish), with at least 1GB of RAM, fairly stock Android and a good battery life. The Moto G is a bit large for me, but otherwise seems great. The Redmi 2 Pro is better pricewise and in specs, but heavily skinned...
  11. T

    What's the best smartphone I can get new in SA for under R2000?

    The best I can find is the Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro at R1799-R2000, any other recomendations? Preferably Android, Windows phone looks OK. I currently have a BB Z10, I just want to get off BB10. Thanks :)
  12. bchip


    Hi guys Last article for the year, its got a xmas twist on it, in preparation for the holidays coming. Title: A Grinch for Christmas http://www.myshares.co.za/basic/blogs_view.php?p=16 There was a lot of advise given by the forumites here on the ideas how to develop the site...we listened...
  13. S

    Home audio on a budget (R5000 - R10000)

    Good afternoon :) I've been wanting to get myself a proper sound system for some time now. Until now I've had cheap surround sound systems, and I feel it's time to upgrade. I was under the impression I'd be able to get something decent for anywhere between R5000 and R10000, but it seems...
  14. Rouxenator

    What % of your income do you spend on vehicle finance?

    I was wondering what is the norm when it comes to the cost of car repayments? Last week I got the papers for my last purchase and transferred it to me as registered owner. So now my car repayments are R0 per month, only big expense I have is my house at 20% of my nett income. Would be...
  15. H

    Choosing a decent camera for YouTube

    Hey Guys, I've started a small YouTube channel, when I first started recording I bought a 16MP Fujitsu camera with 20X optical zoom, And I thought hell this camera will be great for videos... WRONG. The R1600 camera took very grainy 720P videos weather it was light or dark, and the...
  16. D

    Is it possible to build a pc for HD gaming for R6000?

    Hi everyone I am looking to build my first pc and would like advice on parts. I've been reading the NAG builders guide but still not sure, please can someone recommend a pc build to play HD games with a R6000 budget if its possible. Thanks in advance...:D
  17. S

    Budget gaming PC - R7000 limit (excl screen)

    Hey guys :) Okay so I haven't built a PC in ages, and a friend has asked for assistance. His budget is R7000. This is for the case only, i.e. he has a screen, keyboard and mouse. Currently I'm sitting at R8046 and I need advice on where to cut, and just general opinions about the build...
  18. P

    Dual sim upgrade?

    Hi all. I currently have the Zest phone from Afrihost. I really enjoy having dual sim functionality. My question is this: for R3000 what is the best dual sim smartphone? Examples I have looked at is Hisense Infinity Pure 1 U980 (nice big screen) and Acer Liquid Jade (13MP camera)
  19. N

    Which student car is better?

    I recently sold my car, and am searching for another one. My budget is R60 000 for a used car. It is very confusing choosing a car, but I managed to narrow it down based on the price of spares, fuel consumption and general quality of the brand. My choices are: 1. Ford Fiesta 2. Ford...
  20. N

    Budget Car for ~R60k

    Hi all, So, my girlfriend is in the market for a second-hand car, with a budget of approximately 60k. Been looking at the VW Polo Vivo, Ford Figo and Toyota Etios. She really likes the Figo and Vivo. Any other options to look at? Hyundai i10 is out... Aesthetics :D Also, please share...