1. J

    ATMs and cash here to stay in South Africa

    ATMs and cash here to stay in South Africa Despite the increasing number of mobile payment options and widespread support for card payments, South Africans are using more cash than ever. Responding to recent questions about the addition of biometric security and contactless technology to ATMs...
  2. K

    EFTs and Cash deposits into my bank account

    Hi Guys I need to have about R50k deposited into my bank account. Will this raise flags with SARS. It's only a once off thing bit if I had to receive cash regularly as well would it be a flag at SARS. It wouldn't be as much as the deposit I'm expecting now.
  3. Newsfeed

    Cash is nowhere near dead

    Cash is nowhere near dead The end is nigh for cash, or so a wide range of academics, fintech venture capitalists, and futurists would have us believe. Soon we will pay for goods and services with some combination of smartphones, biometrics and tiny chips embedded in our bodies. Bitcoin and...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Do you mainly use cash or card when shopping?

    Which one do you prefer, and why?
  5. S

    One Good Thing to Come Out of Swaziland

    Bank charges for cash deposits scrapped in Swaziland, Of course I imagine banks will up other charges to make up for this loss of revenue
  6. F

    Why Standard Bank Won't Cash My Cheque

    Hi. I know absolutely nothing about cheques, that should become obvious to anyone reading this. I was paid by cheque by a client that had no other option. My lovely Standard bank branch manager told me that I HAD to deposit it in my account and she ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT cash it. Quite...
  7. LazyLion

    Cash Heist at FNB Stadium after Bieber Concert

    JOHANNESBURG: Eyewitness News can reveal that criminals pulled off a carefully planned, sophisticated heist at the FNB Stadium in Soweto just hours after the Justin Bieber concert on Sunday. They made off with the cash takings from the weekend. FNB Stadium was on lockdown on Monday as...
  8. LazyLion

    ATM Withdrawals Stagnant in February

    Withdrawals from ATMs across the country remained stagnant in February, increasing only 0.69 percent from January, Spark ATM Systems said on Monday. This followed a 9.18 percent drop in January, with the average cash withdrawal in February being R443.56, sales director Russel Berman said in a...
  9. P

    Make money as a student

    I'm an engineering student looking to make some extra money. Due to the nature of my studies, I can't really keep a part time job (my field require ALOT of studying and I have very erratic hours). Are there any reasonable and flexible online jobs out there? Something I could do whenever I have...
  10. d0b33

    Withdraw 35k cash from bank

    I plan on getting a second hand car and paying for it with cash, thing is I've never withdrawn more thank 5K from the bank in cash so nervous about this... are there any fees involved? (I'm FNB client) and are banks willing to part with that cash easily? any experience here?