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    Mweb Fibre (via vumatel) constant disconnections

    Hello Folks I have been having issues with my Fibre for about 6 ++ months. I did try to communicate with Mweb about this issue but its so expensive to call them and the support has been meagre. I tried the things the support person from Mweb asked and I even tried using CMD prompt to ping my...
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    Strange problem with Huawei B618s-22d (RAIN) modem

    I received this modem as part of the RAIN (Mweb) LTA-A package. After doing an initial basic setup, I connected my laptop to the router's AP and (obviously) did a speed test. The D/L speed was pretty disappointing (sometimes less than 10Mbps). I went back into the interface page and started...
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    Strange NNTP connection to port 119 issues

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any network / security related people that have an idea on how to solve my newsgroup connection issues? When at home on my ADSL connection I can't connect to axxess news as it simply says the following: >telnet 119 Connecting To...
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    Trouble connecting to Guild Wars 2

    Hi everyone, I've been having some trouble trying to connect to Guild Wars 2 lately. I successfully connected to and played the game during the last Beta Weekend a few weeks ago, but during the last 2 stress tests that the game has run, I have been unable to connect (it could have started...
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    DSLAM upgrades, line speed, and stability

    A question for all those marginal, far from the exchange ADSL connections. Now that Telkom is generously upgrading 384kbps users to 1 Mbps, what happens to those whose lines were stable at 384k, but now fall over at 1 Mbps? Does every such user need to ask for their line to be downgraded...
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    BB 9360 Stuck on EDGE (MTN)

    Hey Guys My bb has been stuck on EDGE sine last week Friday. I don't know what to do to get it back on 3G. The only reason I purchased this contract was for the 3G. I got the phone from the 5th of Feb, and had full 3G at home, but now from Friday only EDGE. What's the problem?
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    *READ FIRST* Vodacom Problems: Slow Throughput, Trying to Connect, DNS, High Latency

    Vodacom Problems: Slow Throughput, Trying to Connect, DNS, High Latency Reporting Issues For reporting issues to Vodacom Support: 1) Call (082)155 (Free from a Vodacom SIM) 2) Mail Customer Care on 3) Read the FAQ in this forum. 4) Use the SelfHelp facility. 5)...