1. DreKen

    Delivery/Purchase of Consoles on Level 4

    I recently bought a console online during lockdown hoping it could be delivered on level 4 , well that went badly. Is there chance that some large retailers will sell these consoles?
  2. Savy561

    Ps4 console black friday specials

    I'm looking to buy a ps4 console on black friday. For those who bought a ps4 last year black friday, what was the average pricing for a ps4 slim or ps4 pro?
  3. D

    Console Indecisiveness

  4. RazedInBlack

    Heres a Thought: Samsung and Consoles

    Just got me thinking. Given that Samsung are so hugely successful at what they do globally, as in TVs and cellphones. If you were head of Samsung company would you consider entering the console market with regard to gaming and taking on giants such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo? Is...
  5. RazedInBlack

    +1 PS3: Heres Why PS3 Rocks!

    PS3, Linux Used to Catch Child Pornographers Old PS3 Phat has skills to catch child predators. Over the past week, most PlayStation 3 consoles have been chugging along playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. But all the while, some other PS3 consoles have been helping to stop child...
  6. P

    Gaming on your TV throught the internet

    So, last time I posted about this the response was pretty kuck, or ehm... Non existent What do you guys think about For now, forget about the broadband issues in SA. If you will.
  7. D

    The Official MyBB Gaming Questionnaire

    Before I start I would just like to give a little rant /echo on - rant on There are basically 2 gaming sections named gaming and gaming consoles. Here are the descriptions... Gaming - Please use this forum to discuss general gaming issues. Gaming Consoles - XBox 360, Sony Playstation...