1. Rouxenator

    Name cars that stole the Mercedes E-Class headlight design

    The W210 E-class had a pretty bold design for the time when it was released. The 4 headlights were met with mixed reaction from the motoring public. Being somewhat controversial does however mean you will have copy cats that try to imitate or pull off some of the striking design features. So...
  2. Rouxenator

    Name cars that stole the Citroen DS headlight design

    Car enthusiast often agree that the Citroen DS was way ahead of its time, and this is very clear when you look at the design and keep in mind it originated in the 1950s. Being that iconic does however mean you will have copy cats that try to imitate or pull off some of the striking design...
  3. NomNom

    Program to Copy a Program ..:/

    Hi there Does anyone know of a program that can copy a program and it's registry keys ect so that it would work if I copy it from Windows XP to Windows 7? The program in question is called Dalet Plus, but thus far I have been unable to get it working on Windows 7 64bit, unfortunately I...
  4. U

    What is the best software to use for creating a template

    Hi there I need to create a template with preset formatting, layout - text boxes, image boxes, etc for the user to edit. When the user selects the text box control...they will need to paste relevant info in the text box (eg - Product name). The same for "Part / Model number",etc The...
  5. BigAl-sa

    VBox: Ubuntu host; XP guest; copy and paste picture

    Anyone out there got any ideas how to copy a pic in the host and get to paste in the guest? It looks as though copying anything other than simple text does not work??
  6. M

    logo rip off?

    ever noticed how the evernote logo looks like the postgres one? oops.
  7. LazyLion

    Windows 7 File Copy Speed

    Having just moved about ten terabytes of stuff, all sizes of files across all types of drives (but mostly SATA), on about 6 different computers over the last week, I think I can say with confidence that Windows 7 file copy speed maxes out around 20 MB/second, frequently far less. The copy...
  8. bwana

    Ubuntu Copy and Paste

    Is there a problem with copy and paste in general or is there something wrong with my installation? If I copy from an application then close that app whatever it was I copied seems to vanish from the clipboard. I'm using the Netbook version of 9.04 on a AAO
  9. X


    Hi all Do you have access to a copy of Windows 7 beta? I got a beta serial number from MS, but the download was just too big so I dropped the idea at the time. I am looking for the legal beta, not the pirated version. If not, would you be a pal and point me in the right direction for a...
  10. Rouxenator

    Best DRM killer ?

    I have been using Fair4use for a while now and it works OK for most DRM windows media files. I was wondering if it is the best tool for the job. What software do you use to strip windows media files of DRM ?