court case

  1. Sollie

    The FBI wanted to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. It turned to a little-known Australian firm.

    The FBI wanted to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. It turned to a little-known Australian firm. Azimuth unlocked the iPhone at the center of an epic legal battle between the FBI and Apple. Now, Apple is suing the company co-founded by one of the hackers behind the unlock. The...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Man in court for avoiding e-tolls

    Man in court for dodging e-tolls A Randburg man is believed to be the first person to appear in court for refusing to pay e-tolls, Beeld reported on Wednesday
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Online underworld kingpin faces jail

    Online underworld kingpin faces jail A man accused of founding an online underworld bank that allegedly laundered $6 billion for criminals pleaded not guilty in New York
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Man allegedly uses fake number plates to avoid e-tolls

    Man allegedly uses fake number plates to avoid e-tolls A researcher from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research has appeared in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court for allegedly using fake number plates to avoid paying e-tolls
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Uber blocked in Germany

    Uber blocked in Germany A US-designed smartphone application that connects passengers with cars for hire was blocked from operation in Germany by court injunction Tuesday
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Sanral welcomes court ruling

    Sanral welcomes court ruling A court ruling regarding the disclosure of court papers in the N1/N2 Winelands Toll Highway project was welcomed by the SA National Roads Agency Limited
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    SA online dating scammers in court

    SA online dating scammers in court Unexpected technicalities delayed court proceedings on Wednesday in a case involving four men and three women allegedly involved in an online dating scam
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Hlaudi Motsoeneng should not be punished for lying: SABC

    Don’t punish Motsoeneng for lying: SABC SABC chief operations officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng should not be punished for a lie he told 19 years ago, the broadcaster has said in court papers
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Sanral applies for court documents to be kept secret

    Sanral’s secret court documents Two non-governmental organisations have raised concerns about Sanral’s application for certain court documents and court hearings to be kept secret
  10. M

    Court Case for Speeding

    I need a bit of advice here from anyone that has been in the same situation. I was stopped in a Road Block and they threatened me with arrest. Firstly I am shocked that I have a court case against my name as I have heard nothing of it. Looking on it appears it was for going over...
  11. QuintonB

    Yahoo faced with $2.7 billion civil case in Mexico

    Yahoo faces $2.7 billion court case A civil court in Mexico entered a preliminary $2.7 billion judgment against Yahoo Inc for breach of contract
  12. J

    Microsoft comes out the beneficiary from Apple and Samsung court battle

    Microsoft’s benefit from Apple-Samsung case Microsoft has been the “beneficiary of this whole fight” between Apple and Samsung, thanks to the tech company’s non-Android devices as an alternative
  13. J

    Apple get told-off in court

    Apple is “smoking crack” with giant witness list Apple lawyer tries to bring up too many witnesses during the on-going patent trial with Samsung, and get shot down by District Judge Lucy Koh
  14. J

    Google wins right to appeal class status in digital book battle

    Google wins right to appeal in digital book case Google Inc has won the right to appeal the granting of class status to thousands of authors suing the search engine company over its ambitious plan to create the world’s largest digital books library.
  15. J

    Apple vs Samsung trial tenses up

    Apple vs. Samsung tension begins to boil The on-going court battle between Apple and Samsung over patent infringements sees the gloves come off
  16. S

    Dalai Lama drama heads to court.

    The ANC's really giving the opposition ammo. Hopefully the voting public will see this :rolleyes:
  17. LazyLion

    Another Torrent site goes to court - isoHunt & CRIA These cases are going to be the defining moment for the Torrent technology. If the rulings go against the sites, I predict that the technology will start to die out. But I also predict that another technology will arise...
  18. K

    ANC planning independent court challenge to quash Zuma case

    And with it will come yet more endless delays...
  19. rpm

    Vodacom BEE lawsuit unsuccessful

    Vodacom BEE lawsuit unsuccessful