cracked screen

  1. B

    Cracked screen repairer suggestions

    Hi, I have cracked the screen on my Moto G3. This was bought last year on the Orange Store. I contacted TT3 in Randburg to repair but they no longer import parts for repairs due to supplier issues. To the MyBB community, please do pass on suggestions on what I can/should do? Thanks
  2. R

    Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Review, and screen issues

    So I thought I would share my experience, and an honest review of the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. Initially I loved the phone. I Liked the fact that it was a “small” phone, but packed loads of features. Good camera, great processor, and the phone just felt like a superior phone! I ran the most...
  3. SmellyCelly

    Best thing to do with cracked iphone 5?

    I have an iPhone 5 with a thin crack across the screen :mad: :mad: :mad: I could rant about how much I hate iPhones right now, but instead I just want to get advise about what to do with it. I could sell it with the crack, but for how much? It's not even a year old yet. Any advice welcome... all...
  4. SmellyCelly

    How breakable is the Sony Xperia Z2?

    How breakable is the Sony Xperia Z2 in comparison with the iPhone 5? Does anyone know? I've had so many screens cracked with iPhone and I want to move over to Sony soon, but I am not sure how they fair in the break-ability contest :P Also, does anyone know how much an Xperia screen costs to fix...
  5. H

    Best Phone when it comes to Repairs

    Hi, I'm from Bloem. My Sony Xperia Z has been in for repairs at Vodacom for more than a month due to a broken digitiser. A while back my friend cracked his Galaxy S3's screen, he sent it in to Vodacom and got the phone repaired 6 days later. According to Vodacom, this is because my phone had...
  6. SmellyCelly

    Cracked iPhone 5... What to do?

    Hi Last night i dropped my iPhone and the screen smashed... What's the best way ahead: - Insurance will charge me 20% replacement excess (which will be more than the repair) - it's my 3rd claim in a year :( - Cheapest repair quote I can find is R1500 - does anyone know of...
  7. S

    S3 Screen :(

    So my S3 took a tumble. The touch still works, so it's probably just the glass. What am I going to fork out for a replacement? I see I can get a kit off eBay for around $20 but I'm worried the glass is some cheap knockoff? Anyone with experience of keeping this to the cheapest but best...
  8. C

    Cracked Screen - Cost of Repairs

    Damn, I dropped my phone (LG Optimus Black P970) getting out of the car :cry:. Screen is cracked at the top right edge (mostly by the black border). Phone still works properly though. Anyone have any idea what the cost to replace the screen will be? Is the glass just a cover or is it the...
  9. seedat77

    Can a screen just crack on it's own? Yes it can!

    I read this thread regarding the Galaxy S, and was just wondering if anyone else experienced a screen cracking without dropping or bumping the phone against anything? The weirdest thing happend to my phone. I recently got a LG Optimus GT540 Android phone (touchscreen). Yesterday, I left my...
  10. Ianf1

    Repair Garmin Nuvi

    I have a 310 Garmin Nuvi which dropped onto my parking brake cracking the screen:sick: now it doesn't work. I took it into anvic who wanted R2000 to fix it, since it cost just R2000 at Makro I said no. Does anyone know who can repair this, it has bluetooth and new garmins with bluetooth are...