1. PrimeSteak

    Mpumalanga police doing their best to find Godrich Gardee's daughter
  2. RedViking

    Food or chews that killed your dog?

    Google: [add keyword here] is dangerous for your dog. List products, treats or food that landed your dog at the vet or in the grave. Apparently everything I feed my dog will kill it. :ROFL:
  3. mercurial

    Prominent Russian journalist who criticized Kremlin shot dead in Kiev

    Prominent Russian journalist who criticized Kremlin shot dead in Kiev
  4. D

    Mercedes CLK500 No Sound from Radio

    Good Day Everyone, While driving home from work yesterday, my car's sound just died. Head unit and cd changer still powers on and works however there is no sound at all. I have already checked the fuses in the engine bay, in the dash as well as in the boot. I am dreading that it might...
  5. Rouxenator

    Being dead : What rights do you have and what laws apply to you?

    While having lunch I came up with an interesting concept and I can't seem to get concrete answers on many of the points raised. The question here is what laws apply to someone that is dead and also what rights do they have? For example, if you are dead and you have no rights is it then...
  6. V

    Telkom Mega 100WR is dead. Any advice?

    Hello, guys! I tried to upgrade firmware for %subj% and probably kill it - switched off power when modem had no sign of life (goddamn procedure! you never know what's going on during update). When I again switched it ON, no any light came on. I guess there is no any "backup" chip to restore...
  7. G

    "Dead" Lumia 800

    Hi, I have a Lumia 800 that's basically dead. It doesn't startup. Initially it just froze with the Nokia logo on the screen and when I would put it onto charge then the battery indicator would come up with a red bar at the bottom. I took it in to a Nokia repair centre where the guys worked...
  8. A

    North West farmer shot dead

  9. R13...

    TV Images

    So the other day there was this rant on facebook about how the media covers 'dead bodies'. The rant said that when people in the third world die in disasters/hunger/terror attacks/etc the western media is quick to flight gruesome images of the dead. It is easier to find images of dead people...

    Sleeping firefighter killed by fire truck A tragedy, but seriously, WTF was he sleeping under the truck for? :confused:
  11. M

    Toddlers crushed by train Are you that F#CKING DUMB???? The mother should not have left her kids alone, wtf are you going on about fences?? If that stupid excuse for a mother actually looked after her kids properly...this would...
  12. Nod

    Landline phone service must die; only question is when

    Source: ArsTechnica More at the link. This will obviously also solve the LLU problem.
  13. mercurial

    Magpies grieve for their dead (and even turn up for funerals)

  14. mercurial

    Florida Woman, 37, Ends Up Brain Dead After Liposuction Procedure

  15. R13...

    Cops gun down six in cash-heist shoot-out

    Cops 6 - 0 Robbers,

    Health Dept. Worker Skips Red Light, Kills Child

    A driver for the Department of Health skipped a red traffic light this morning and crashed his mini-bus into a 2-year old girl, causing her death. (yay, I learned how to...
  17. mercurial

    Michael Jackson was terrified of being killed

    Source Dangerous drug found at Jackson home Source

    World's Oldest Person Dies In SA

    Can't find a link for this story yet but did just hear on the radio that the world's oldest person (or now the former oldest), a woman from South Africa, died yesterday at age 137 or 134!!! Will listen out for the next bulletin to clarify details.
  19. B

    My LG KS360's screen just died:(

    Bought the phone on April 9, just over a month later on May 14 it's screen went sign, no nothing...just went dead while I was listening to mp3's. Took it back to the shop where I bought it and who knows when I'll be getting it back.:mad: It's possibly the crappiest phone I've owned...