1. RedViking

    DELL WD15 or WD19 180W DOCK with USB-C

    Item Wanted: 180W WD19TBS (Thunder Bolt) with 130W Throughput and 180W Adaptor Packaging Essential: Yes Desired Age: Like New. Used Good Condition (warranty a bonus) Location: Courier Guy to KZN Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Ballpark/Budget Amount: R1500-R2000 Support for: Precision 5550...
  2. P

    Accessing sms on Huawei E353 3g dongle dashboard when it is plugged in to wifi router

    I have a 3g antenna on a 10 metres pole which plugs into the antenna jack of a Huawei E353 3g dongle which plugs into a Tenda N300 wifi router in a weather-proof box with power supply. From the router I have a 75 metre cable down the hill to my house which plugs into a Ubiquiti WAP. I connect...
  3. P

    Dual-Sim Capability & Special Import Mobiles Worth It?

    Hi All, I am wanting to get feedback on people's experiences with special imports? I am paying cash for a phone for the first time, and am a little nervous about a simple 6-12 month warranty. I am looking at the Samsung A5 2017 Dual-Sim for around ZAR R5,000, which leads to my next...
  4. N

    Can PACE Router be used for wifi without a fixed line

    Hi Guys. I recently moved from Durban to Benoni. Theres no Telkom infrastructure here and I need internet. I have a Pace router 921VNX that has a port for a dongle. I was thinking of getting data on the dongle then plugging it to the router. Is it possible to plug in a dongle and use...
  5. M

    Vodacom Data Sim in Cell C USB stick

    Hi - so my iPad has given up (it's first generation) and I decided to take out the microsim and use it in a USB dongle. I couldn't get the SIM to work in either of the two Vodacom dongles I tried. But it does for some reason work in my Cell C dongle. I'm working off it now. Has anyone done...
  6. F

    Vodafone usb modem to mtn

    Hi, Do you guys maybe have any advice on how to get mtn,cellc and/or telkom working on a vodafone 4g usb modem (vodafone k5150). What I have noticed so far: It's not network locked Believe I need to get the correct software from mtn,cellc,telkom or huawei. Mobile partner...
  7. J

    Mobile Router Advice

    Hi! I had something like this little mobile router: But my battery is dead and I can't get a replacement locally (the only international site that Afrihost can recommend wont ship batteries to South Africa). SO my question is...
  8. S

    Nokia Speedstick

    I went to cellc website and found nokia speedstick software no more(available) and also how can I use the dongle in a virtual machine? :confused:
  9. H

    Huawei E3276 4G dongle with Afrihost software - i want Afrihost software gone

    Hello I recently purchased an Huawei E3276 dongle on Gumtree. What the seller did not tell me was that he got it from Afrihost who installed their software package on the dongle. The problem with the Afrihost software is that it does not have an USSD page where I can purchase prepaid airtime...
  10. A

    Desktop PC WI-FI dongle via USB port on PC

    Can anyone recommend a USB powered wi-fi dongle /adaptor? On-line shop essential, as we are far from any shops that may sell this type of thing. We are installing a new Desktop PC (which is not wi-fi enabled) in a place that is not close enough to our existing wi-fi router to use a cable...
  11. T

    Are 3G modem dongles network specific?

    I am a social researcher venturing into the world of tech and would really appreciate some help and confirmation. Firstly, are mobile dongle's network specific? One of my research subjects is an unemployed young woman who uses a mobile dongle to connect her laptop to the internet. However, she...
  12. S

    Setting up an MTN Dongle

    Hi fellow Saffa's I'm currently in the UK ( and have been for 9 years now ) so excuse me if I get something wrong here. Long story short, my parents are coming to the UK for a 2 month holiday. I would like to get them some internet connectivity to Skype us so they can see my ugly face. But...
  13. ice_cubes

    mobile 3g speedstick/usb modem. - which to buy?

    Hi I want to buy a mobile 3g speedstick/usb modem. Preferably one that takes any network sim card & is fast. any suggestions?
  14. T

    Help in finding the right MiFi modem

    I am looking for a MiFi modem with optional LAN input so that I can create a WiFi network from either my SIM card (not 3G dongle) or my wired Internet connect. Does such a device exist? All I'm seeing are 3G routers with Ethernet ports but not not dongle-less MiFi with optional LAN input. Thanks.