1. M

    15000eB @ 11c

    Coin\Currency: eBucks Current market value - 11c Amount: 15 000 Price: R1650 Will transfer after funds reflect.
  2. D

    [Sale] - 45 700 Ebucks @ 11.5c

    Coin\Currency: ebucks Amount: 45 700 Current Market Value: 11.5c Price: R5255.50 Exchange link:
  3. D

    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022

    As above. Links to previous threads: Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019 Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021 Handy Links: How to earn Ebucks - Ebucks.com Ebucks Calculator - Ebucks.com Ebucks...
  4. L

    Looking for eB100 000

    Willing to pay 12c per eB
  5. J

    eBucks Black Friday 2020 plans

    eBucks Black Friday 2020 plans FNB has revealed its plans for its eBucks rewards programme over the Black Friday 2020 period, stating that it will offer great deals on tech and household products. Addressing concerns raised by a number of MyBroadband readers regarding the lack of discounts...
  6. T

    FNB Ebucks, or the new Disovery Bank Vitality Money

    Hi, I am probably the most outspoken eBucks fan you would ever meet. I'm also probably the reason they keep on making it more difficult to get to level 5 every year. I am however interested to see if the Discovery bank Vitality Money rewards program is not more beneficial than eBucks ...
  7. D

    [Sold] - eBucks 31409 - For Sale 10.5c

    Item name (be very descriptive): eBucks 31409 - For Sale 10.5c Age and condition: New Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Need Cash Price: 3297.00 Negotiable: No
  8. K

    31000 ebucks for sale

    Item name: 31 000 ebucks Age and condition: New Price: R3 410 Negotiable: No
  9. S

    Using the Ebucks shop

    If I wanted to buy this Macbook pro from the ebucks shop : https://www.ebucks.com/web/shop/productSelected.do?prodId=535586439&catId=247215498 Would a level 5 discount equate to me only needing to pay 180 000 ebucks instead of 300 000? I just need some clarification from someone who has done...
  10. T

    Credit cards explained

    I've been a client of FNB for some time now, but in June I opened a credit card to maximise my eBucks. The changes I made took me from about R180 in eBucks a month to R800 a month so I've been pretty happy with it. However, in my latest statement for July I see that I've been charged interest...
  11. M

    eBucks Wanted

    Looking to buy 30368 eB
  12. K

    FNB eBucks

    Hi all! How much do you get back on eBucks since the "new rules" have been applied from 1 July 2018? I am currently with Nedbank and get back around R150 on my Greenbacks but seeing all these cashback offers on fuel, Checkers, etc. makes me want to consider moving to FNB. What do you think?
  13. E

    Ebucks checkers vouchers

    Since this morning I'm trying to buy a checkers voucher with my e-bucks, but I'm not getting my reward level discount, ie being charged the full ebucks cost, eB5000 for a R500 voucher. Anyone know what's up with that?
  14. Z

    Bring Back Checkers Discounts with eBucks

    Today 07.02.2018 they have discontinued the Checkers discount on eBucks and moved it to a Rotational Basis and not permanent as it was before... Lower income households use this to get groceries and I think we should all email care @ fnb .co.za let them know, and if we get many emailing...
  15. nemo415

    2 X Dell CRT Monitors (eBucks discount available)

    Item: Dell CRT Monitor E771p (Colour: Black) Age: > 5 years Warranty: 7 days to report any problems Packaging: None Negotiable: Slightly Condition: Good working condition (No dead pixels the last time I checked) Location: Pretoria/Centurion Reason: Cleanup Shipping: Nah, don't have the...
  16. mattrudlles

    R3000 for white PS4 slim 500g on the Ebucks store

    Did anyone else manage to pick up a PS4 slim unit on the ebucks store earlier this week for R3000? I haven't seen the sale referred to at all on the forums!
  17. Snyper564

    20 000 Ebucks

    Hi guys, I would like to buy 20 000 Ebucks. If you have available drop me a PM then we can discuss details further there. Also on Carbonite.co.za if you would prefer to complete the sale and count for Itrader Here is the link to my profile http://carbonite.co.za/member.php?35301-Snyper564...
  18. Muttley

    eBucks: is it possible to save enough of them to cover my petrol costs going forward

    Hi all, A bit of a long winded question here to bear with me... I double checked that eBucks don't expire (currently), assuming this remains the same- it led me to thinking about the possibility of accumulating enough eBucks so that I can use eBucks to pay for my petrol going forward...
  19. P

    FNB Connect and eBucks

    Hi All :) I am debating getting a tablet, as I am on level 4 and would really like to go up a level. I was reading through the rules to make sure that I will be able to get up to level 5 by adhering to the "spend R150 or more on FNB connect" so I would likely get the R129 tablet, and...
  20. vorman

    FNB Phone Offer

    Hi There Anybody taken up the FNB phone offer for R0 pm on eBucks reward level 5? Been on level 5 ever since but not sure whether to take up the offer? What if eBucks rules change for the next year and I'm stuck with the contract for 24 months.