1. R

    What to do about Sanral when selling a car

    Hey all, I've just sold my car privately and will be completing the change of ownership with the Department of Transport this week. My question is, what happens with respect to Sanral and etolls in terms of ensuring that I don't continue to get charged? I don't have an etoll account. In a...
  2. G

    Automatic deduction on the N1

    If I get an etag registered to the license plate of my car and I drive on the N1 between PTA and JHB, will the toll fee be automatically deducted from my credit card if my etag is not physically in the car? I'm not talking about the manual toll gates you find on the N4, but the automatic ones...
  3. K

    Chamber questions R38bn Sanral toll contract hike

    Seems like SANRAL is in for some trouble soon with revelations.. does make you wonder how they are floating the bill with the Gauteng eTolls.. is Gov going to cough up the remainder and we just don't know yet?
  4. F

    e-toll Website

    I know its not good news to here of someone with an eTag but using the website is absolutely shocking. It is so so slow to the point that it feels like it is hanging. It has been getting progressively worse over the past week and I can browse all other sites no problem. Is it just me or...
  5. jes

    E-toll protest starts slowly

    E-toll protest starts slowly About 30 police cars assembled in Marabastad, on the outskirts of Pretoria on Monday morning, ahead of the planned Cosatu protest over e-tolling.
  6. LazyLion

    OUTA’s e-Toll court challenge will be delivered on 18 December 2012

    UPDATED: The date has now been moved forward to the 13th! OUTA has been advised by Judge Vorster’s Registrar that judgment on OUTA’s e-Toll court challenge will be delivered on 13 December 2012 at...
  7. J

    Poor attendance at public E-toll meetings

    E-toll meetings see poor attendance The e-toll meetings where public attendees can air their opinions have seen poor attendance, according to OUTA
  8. J

    E-toll hearings set to continue this week

    E-toll public hearings continue The e-toll public hearings are set to continue this week, allowing the public to view their opinions with government on the matter
  9. J

    E-toll tariffs can be raised

    E-toll tariffs can be increased The DA has said that even if there are lower tariffs on e-tolls, they will be raised at a later stage
  10. J

    Updated e-toll tariffs out soon

    E-toll terms and conditions to be gazetted The terms and conditions for the e-toll initiative is set to be gazetted, as approved by Cabinet
  11. J

    IMC met Cabinet over e-toll recommendations

    E-tolls: IMC meets Cabinet The inter-ministerial committee for the e-tolling initiative met with Cabinet in order to make recommendations
  12. J

    Public must know about e-toll details

    E-tolls: public must know details OUTA has said that the public must not be kept in the dark with regards to the e-toll plans
  13. jes

    Don't purchase e-tags says SAMWU

    SAMWU SA Municipal Workers’ Union calls for mass pressure from public against the implementation of e-tolls on highways
  14. J

    E-toll announcement coming Friday

    E-toll announcement coming 5 October Details regarding the implementation of the e-tolling system will be disclosed on Friday
  15. J

    E-toll talks coming to an end

    E-toll talks almost over Discussions regarding the possible implementation of the e-tolling system are nearing completion, according to Minister Ben Martins
  16. J

    Final e-tolling discussions begin

    E-tolls: final talks begin The final talks are underway this week to decide the state of the proposed e-tolling system
  17. J

    E-tolling interim order pushed aside

    E-toll interim order set aside The Constitutional Court has set aside the interim order on e-tolls, which temporarily halted Sanral’s plans with the e-tolling system
  18. J

    E-tolls will impact property - survey

    E-tolls will become “key factors” in property decisions E-tolls will impact “where people want to live” as toll expenditures will need to be considered
  19. J

    E-toll battle heads to ConCourt

    E-toll battle: ConCourt is all ears The Constitution Court will begin hearing OUTA’s arguments for preventing the implementation of the e-toll system
  20. J

    Outa requires additional R6 million for legal fees

    E-tolls: Outa needs R6 million more OUTA requires an additional R6 million in order to continue legal battles against government