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    Six tech companies filing net neutrality lawsuit

    Six technology companies have launched a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission in an effort to preserve net neutrality rules. Today, Foursquare, Etsy, Shutterstock, Kickstarter and others filed a petition with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals over the FCC's plans to roll back...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Robocall scammer faces $120-million fine

    Robocall scammer faces $120-million fine The FCC in the US has proposed a $120-million fine against an individual who reportedly made almost 100 million spoofed robocalls.
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    New rules proposed to regulate the Internet

    New rules proposed to regulate the Internet The proposal by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler was a victory for advocates of “net neutrality”
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Internet which is fast enough to use

    Internet which is actually fast enough to use The Federal Communications Commission has changed the definition of broadband in the United States to connection speeds of 25 megabits per second or higher
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    USA changes broadband speed benchmark to 25mbps

  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Fibre in SA: are we headed for monopolies?

    Fibre in SA: are we headed for regional monopolies? International technology websites are full of complaints about cable Internet providers in the United States, and one can’t help but wonder if South Africa is heading the same way
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Obama backs Net Neutrality, ISPs unhappy

    Obama backs Net Neutrality, ISPs unhappy President Barack Obama on Monday embraced a radical change in how the government treats Internet service, coming down on the side of consumer activists who fear slower download speeds and higher costs
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    What is net neutrality?

    What is net neutrality? Some questions and answers about the concept of “net neutrality”
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Netflix joins net neutrality fight

    Netflix joins net neutrality fight Video streaming service Netflix Inc will join Reddit, Kickstarter and thousands of other websites on Wednesday in an online protest that calls for strong U.S. rules to ensure equal treatment of Internet traffic
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    ISPs must deliver the speeds they promise

    ISPs must deliver on their speed promises U.S. communications regulators have reminded Internet service providers to promise consumers only the speed and quality of service that they actually deliver
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Debate on net neutrality continues

    Net neutrality debate continues The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has extended its deadline for comments on net neutrality
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Major U.S. web companies ask for net neutrality

    U.S. companies press for net neutrality Major U.S. web companies asked the FCC to restrict ISPs from striking fast delivery deals
  13. jes

    Shares in FCC soar after Bill Gates takes six percent stake

    Bill Gates takes six percent stake in Spanish FCC Shares in Spanish constructor FCC opened up 13 percent on as Bill Gates invests
  14. J

    New Amazon tablets seeking FCC approval

    New Amazon tablets lack FCC approval Amazon’s recently revealed tablets currently lack FCC approval for sale
  15. QuintonB

    Radiofrequency up for FCC review

    FCC calls for review on radiofrequency The head of the Federal Communications Commission is asking for a review of the agency’s stance on radiofrequency energy emitted from cell phones amid lingering concerns that the devices may cause brain tumors.
  16. QuintonB

    AT&T faces $4 billion charge if T-Mobile deal drops

    AT&T could face $4 billion charge if T-Mobile deal falls through AT&T could be $4 billion out of pocket if the T-Mobile deal falls through, with opposition pressure mounting
  17. Nod

    Telcos to FCC: give us billions, but don't make us share lines

    Source: http://arstechnica.com/telecom/news/2009/11/big-telcos-slam-broadband-open-access-broadband-report.ars
  18. S

    Public participation and interaction with the government on broadband issues.

    Came across the USA's FCC blog and was pleasantly suprised to see that they're actually interacting with the public and getting commentary and using the that to implement their National Broadband Plan. Some of the comments though show, that even 1st world countries are not pleased with...