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    RSAWeb vs VOX (Milnerton)

    Hello FrogFootFibre has installed the fibre infrastructure in the Milnerton area (to be up and running by the 27th of this month). I am trying t determine what the best ISP would be and want to get your opinion/experience. So far we are looking at an uncapped 100Mbps line from either RSAWeb...
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    HELP!!! Telkom SmartBroadband Wireless 20GB + Huawei B315

    Hi Everyone: Please help me, it is so confussing to find help and e-mailing all of the service providers regarding the issue i currently have with Telkom. I took out a SmartBroadband Wireless 20GB + Huawei B315 contract with Telkom approximately four (4) months ago. But now i see that they...
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    Little Falls/ Fibre

    Hi Guys, I see that the interest for Fibre in Little Falls and Strubens Valley has increased and is busy increasing by the day. If there is anyone that is keen on FTTH and live in this area please show your interest here:
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    Telkom Fibre in Lotus River Cape Town???

    Hi, I was wondering is there any plans to do a fibre upgrade in Lotus River Cape Town? I have seen them building a platform for what I believe to be a new Telkom white box next to the old green box on the corner of Zeekoe Road and Klip road. Can anyone verify if this could be fibre...
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    When will other areas get fibre?

    Hi guys, so I currently live in carletonville, Gauteng, it's about 70KM from Johannesburg. I just would like to know when my area will get fibre? Smaller areas want fibre too you know ;) Telkom says my area can support up to 2mbps but some people have 10mbps lines and it works fine, i have...
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    Equivalent fibre and ADSL speeds?

    What speed fibre line is equal in download speed to a 10Mbps ADSL line?