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  1. Belligerence

    FNB connect free data question

    Hello Just have a question, I just upgraded to premier and also ported my number to FNB connect - They mention you get free data with your bank accounts, I have not received anything - How does one "claim" ones data etc
  2. T


    I edited the original post. After having had too many conversations with FNB today and no solution I have decided to get a prepaid SIM and gonna stick it in my phone. Unbelievably one Call Centre Agent even disputed what I was decscribing I was looking at on their website and she claimed no such...
  3. Jamie McKane

    FNB is now giving customers free data

    FNB is now giving customers free data FNB banking customers with FNB Connect SIMs are now eligible to receive a free monthly allotment of mobile data, voice minutes, and SMSs. The bank first announced on 30 May that it would launch this FNB Connect offering for cheque account holders, and it...
  4. Puk

    Do not trust FNB Smart Devices / FNB Connect

    Hi mybroadband, Like the subject, if you're thinking about ordering anything through FNB Connect (FNB Smart Devices) - think twice. I ordered a Samsung 55" TV from them about a month ago. It arrived three days later than the date we had agreed up - meaning I ended up taking two days off of...
  5. Jamie McKane

    FNB Connect Lifestyle Top Up Medium price

    FNB Connect Lifestyle Top Up Medium price FNB Connect has dropped the price of its Lifestyle Top Up Medium package from R139 to R99 per month, offering customers a monthly saving of R40. The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) offers Lifestyle Top Up Medium customers a monthly allocation of...
  6. Jamie McKane

    FNB Connect will get better coverage with MTN roaming deal

    FNB Connect will get better coverage with MTN roaming deal FNB Connect customers are set to benefit from Cell C's roaming agreement with MTN, the company announced. In May, Cell C announced it had “entered into a far-reaching roaming agreement with MTN to complement its own high-quality network”.
  7. Jamie McKane

    FNB Connect data prices vs Vodacom and MTN

    FNB Connect data prices vs Vodacom and MTN FNB has listed new pricing for its Connect cellular products, which the company said is part of FNB Connect’s first pricing review in three years. It is harmonising its pricing for “out of bundle, once-off bundles, and recurring bundles across all...
  8. A

    Fnb Connect Down

    This morning I realised my phone had no network on my fnb sim,I took it out and in again,reboot but still nothing all I get is “No Sim”,calling FNB is mission since I was on hold for 17min...Is anyone having the same problem?Good thing I didn’t port
  9. B

    FNB (dis) Connect Slow data speed

    ##Resolved## FNB Connect Slow data speed I just got my FNB Connect SIM and I have almost non existing data speed. I tested it in different locations, but no luck. According to speedtest.net its as low as 0,01Mbps!!! See below> (on Vodacom I get more than 40Mbps)...
  10. T

    error at WASP.E152

    Hello... I quite fustrated ,I can't make calls, dial *111# Or call fnb call centre 147,,, please help,,, i tried by rebooting my phone,,,nothing works:(. I am using fnb sim card
  11. Newsfeed

    Get free data when using the FNB app

    Get free data when using the FNB app FNB Connect will give away free data to consumers who use the bank’s digital ecosystem.
  12. C

    Vodacom contract cancelled for FNB - Am I making a mistake?

    Hi Everyone, I cancelled my contract with Vodacom at the end of January and the contract term will expire on the last day of February. I just don't feel I have value for money with Vodacom the last 3 years (currently on Smart XL) although I have been with them for probably 15 years. Have I...
  13. P

    FNB Connect and eBucks

    Hi All :) I am debating getting a tablet, as I am on level 4 and would really like to go up a level. I was reading through the rules to make sure that I will be able to get up to level 5 by adhering to the "spend R150 or more on FNB connect" so I would likely get the R129 tablet, and...
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    FNB Connect hit by downtime

    FNB Connect hit by downtime FNB said it is aware of an intermittent issue which is impacting its Connect service.
  15. M

    FNB connect data bundle prices best in SA at the moment?

    Looking at month to month data bundles currently available, these are the prices I can find. I only went from 500MB to 2GB since I think this is reasonable for people who are mostly on wifi and only use mobile data when out. I know it's cell C network, but i've had no issues with them, getting...
  16. R

    Voip and Port 80

    Hi! If I can get some help or solutions to my problem I will be over the moon! I have a FNB connect voip service with 087 number. It worked fine on the WISPSA connection at my old house, but now at my new place it does not work: The following changed: I now use Telkom ADSL line with MWeb 4Mbs...
  17. G

    FNB Connect Mobile Feedback

    I received my FNB Connect SIM card this morning and will be testing the service on prepaid for the next few days. Feel free to share your feedback and experience.
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    FNB Connect data vs Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom

    FNB Connect data prices vs Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom This is how FNB’s new mobile virtual network operator’s data prices stack up against Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, and Cell C.
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    Why FNB selected Cell C as a partner

    Why FNB Connect selected Cell C as a partner FNB Connect mobile will launch soon, offering subscribers a range of mobile products at aggressive rates. Here is why FNB selected Cell C.
  20. jes

    FNB Android app permissions explained

    FNB Android app permissions explained First National Bank has responded to concerns over new permissions requested by its Android app