1. F

    Alfa Romeo Giulietta vs VW Golf vs the rest

    So I love the looks of the Giulietta (1.4 Multiair), and comparing it to the benchmark that is VW Golf it doesn't fare so badly on paper... in fact its very competent. What do you guys think? Anyone driven the Giulietta, how does it fare against the Golf? Also, locally the Alfa matches the...
  2. R13...

    Tiger Woods divorced

    At least it explains his continued poor form. Wonder if the divorce is going to help or hurt his game, I mean he has the space and freedom to do as he wishes... More
  3. d0b33

    Golf mk2 vs mk3 repais/maintenance

    I've been told that mk2 Golf parts are easy to come by and repairs are easy, is this the case for mk3s as well? how much more expensive would it be to maintain a mk3 by yourself as compared to a mk2? Things like engine maintenance, body trim...
  4. P

    Citi Golf 'pimping' !

    :D So now that my CitiGolf has some neat sound, I want to 'pimp' it out a bit. First I was thinking some new lights for it, what would you guys recommend? Dunno if anyone on here is into that kind of stuff...
  5. Rouxenator

    Starry nights, Citi Golfs and braaivleis (where you are the braaivleis)

    Sad story : Mthatha - A man was burnt to death when his car collided with a bakkie on the N2 between Mthatha and Qumbu, Eastern Cape police said on Thursday...
  6. M

    Rugby & Golf Olimpic Sport (again)

    Rugby & Golf has been included as Olimpic sports (again). This is good! Now we just need to win the Olympic gold medal and were done! Link
  7. Rouxenator

    A CITI Golf flew past my Astra!!!

    At first I could not believe what I saw Yes! It really was a CITI Flying past my Astra !!! But like most other VWs that did that It was on the back of a towtruck :p
  8. P

    Just Saw a Golf 6!!!

    My word it's the most beautiful car in the world!!!! I am in love with it.
  9. Rouxenator

    New Opel Astra I :1 , VW Golf & Ford Focus :0

    Very nice video featuring a disguised prototype new Astra :D Don't worry VAG lovers - the Astra 9(I) won't be coming to SA to make your stationwagon-look-alike Golf 6 eat dust.... yet :cool:
  10. Bona Botse

    New diesel GTI: Meet the GTD in the words of Ghandi from Clone High, SAY WHAAAATTTT???!! LOL :D EDIT: from the article