1. C

    First Car

    Hi guys, so the end of next year I plan on (hopefully) getting my first car. I would like to save up and buy one rather than taking out a loan. My budget will probably be 40k and below. For many people the Citi Golf, Nissan 1400 and Tazz are good default choices for a car, plenty of parts, more...
  2. B

    Golf partner wanted (JHB)

    Im hoping to find a golfing buddy. Im a beginner golfer, 28 year old male, ideally looking for someone who is also new to the sport. Thank you
  3. I

    i30 vs G6

    Hey guys:, Need advice deciding between a 2013 Hyundai i30 1.6 Premium and 2012 VW Golf 6 1.4tsi Comfortline/Highline. Price and mileage (+-120k with FSH) is similar for all 3 vehicles. G6 has a more premium feeling interior and drive. i30 looks better on the outside and should be cheaper...
  4. Chiller89

    2008 VW Golf CitiStorm - Low Mileage

    Make/Brand: VW Citi Storm (Golf Mk1) Color: Blue Year: 2008 Odometer reading: +-80900km Warranty: None Service history: Serviced regularly the entire time I have had it, +- every 10000km. I have proof of the last service done. Condition: Excellent Condition Extras: Alarm, Central Locking...
  5. Leo_

    Driving Ranges in JHB

    Hi guys, I'm new to JHB and wanted to know where are some good, cheap, driving ranges around JHB. Preferably centrally located (~10km radius from CBD, preferably North) as I'd like to hit the ranges after work. Regards, Leo
  6. T

    Golf Shoes

    Hi Guys, Golf shoes as you know are extremely expensive . I am looking for a second hand pair mens size either 9 or 10, on the East Rand of Joburg. Let me know if you have something for me. Thanks in advance
  7. J

    Golf 5 1.9 TDI over - revving when engine is turned on - Help

    HI I recently drove up from Cape Town to Johannesburg in in a recently purchased second-hand Golf 5 1.9 TDI. After Stopping in Colesberg for the night, I started my engine and noticed a cascade of over-revving upon ignition. I turned off, and tried again and it was fine. Going up to...
  8. J

    [Sale] Jetta/Golf 5 Bioline 16" Alloys for Sale

    Item: 4 x Jetta/Golf 5 Bioline 16" Alloy Rims with center caps Age: Approx 5 years old Condition: Average to Good (They have a few scratch/scuff marks) Tyres: 15-20% Life - Bridgestone MY01 (205/55R16) Reason for sale: Not used Price: R 1200 Location: Midrand Delivery...
  9. M

    Retail Value of CTi Golf for Insurance

    Hi, dad's 1994 CTi golf is insured for R15000 (Retail Value). His installment is R635 with Budget. Am I getting a good deal? I checked Gumtree and I don't see any CTi's in similar condition going for R15000 or less, so if the car get's written off I won't find a CTi for that price. How does...
  10. Cheens

    2010 Golf 6 GTI DSG For Sale

    Item name (be very descriptive): 2010 Golf 6 GTI DSG, White, Sunroof, Xenons - adaptive headlights Age and condition: 2010 114 000km on the clock, very well looked after, lady driver Warranty: No - full service history, warranty and service plan expired Reason for selling: Need something...
  11. S

    Golf Connection

    Hi guys, Anyone out there using/used Golf Connection for their golf membership. Any feedback on good/bad experiences and pros/cons of doing it this way. Thanks
  12. D

    Need a 2008 Citi Golf Bonnet (Cape Town) - SO HARD TO FIND!!!!

    I have a 2008 Citi Sport 1.4i, I bought it from a private seller who of course didnt disclose many things. But I had the bonnet resprayed because the it had been in a minor bumper bash which had dented the bonnet and chipped the paint. But the original owners did a quick aesthetic job and the...
  13. G

    Wanted - Your old Golf clubs !

    Hi guys --Item Wanted : I'm in search for a set of golf clubs (obviously secondhand) --Is packaging essential: No --Desired age and condition: in one piece and good condition --Location: Randburg, Johannesburg --Willing to accept a shipped item: Will make arrangements to collect If any...
  14. P

    First Time going to the Nedbank Golf Challenge.

    Actually this is my first time going to any live golf tournament. If anyone could give some sort of "guide" or just advice on what to take with, what to do ( and what not ) what time to get there etc. I'm going to watch on the second last day ( Saturday, 7 Dec ).
  15. S

    New Citi Gold Ignition

    Hi guys, I have a 1999 Citi Golf that I've replaced the ignition on before. Yesterday, things went pear-shaped (battery is stuffed) and I've only just managed to figure out my ignition is stuffed up too. If I turn the key, the lights all come on, but nothing turns over. It's happened before...
  16. G

    The Masters

    Ok, so next week Thursday The Masters start. It is probably the 1st or 2nd most important tournament for pretty much any player and is known for its excitement and pure awesomeness. Who is watching? Who is more excited then me? Who is your pick to win?
  17. C

    Illinois Golfer Swallowed by 18-Foot Sinkhole, Sand Traps Suddenly Innocuous

    You can add 18-foot sinkholes to the list of potential hazards looming at golf courses. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports 43-year-old Mark Mihal was golfing with buddies at Annbriar Golf Course in Waterloo, Ill. when he was suddenly swallowed up whole by the earth. Well, that might be...
  18. S

    97 VW Citi Golf, popping like a water balloon

    Ok, so, I have a 97 VW Citi Golf 1.3l mean machine, what happened about 8 months ago was the pipe that feeds water through the heater control burst and it pissed all its water out on the freeway, in the pouring rain, normally one would just stop, top up the water and get to a garage to fix it...
  19. D

    Volkswagen Golf 5 2.0 Comfortline

    Hi everyone, I would like to know how the fuel consumption is on the normal Volkswagen Golf 5 2.0 L (NON FSI). I'm looking into buying one of these but have no idea how fuel consumption is going to be like and is quite a important factor these days. If anyone can comment from experience with...
  20. R

    Know a good/cheap mechanic in N subs of CT? VW Golf

    Does anyone know a good reliable mechanic with a good reputation in the northern subs of Cape Town that has solid experience repairing VW Golfs? Any info will be appreciated. I have an early 90's VW Golf (jumbo) that has some major oil problem (leaking out on top) so I imagine the engine...