1. Kevin Lancaster

    Gauteng health dept denies that drivers, cleaners are conducting post-mortems

    The Gauteng health department on Monday strongly denied allegations that untrained forensic staff members have been conducting post-mortems for the past ten years. This comes as a backlog of 212 bodies is in a queue to undergo forensic examinations at Gauteng mortuaries, caused by a strike by...
  2. C

    which life insurer to use

    Hi there, i am so confused as to which life insurer to use. We have about 3 life insurance policies at 3 different place. One through the company i work for. One at myway... impulse life insurance buying of about 400 rand a month and get out R800,000. Im not sure if that is good or not. Advise...
  3. S

    What would you like to see on a fitness/health/lifestyle vlog

    Hi Guys, I'm starting a youtube channel/vlog in which I'd like to share workouts and advice as I get asked quite a lot of the same questions by friends and on social media. So my question(s) is(are): What would you like to see, and not like to see on a fitness/health/lifestyle vlog? What...
  4. G

    Holistic Wellbeing - Annique, Rooibos and Slimming Solutions

    Hi All, I hope this is in the right section. I would just like to introduce you all to Holistic Wellbeing (Pty) Ltd a company my wife started selling Beauty, Slimming, Anti-Aging and general Health products. Below are a few links to specials : Home page...
  5. Creag

    New vasectomy method better to reverse the snip

    by Amy Green | 25 June 2015 The success rate for men who want to reverse a vasectomy is only 15% to 20%. But a method, new to South Africa, can increase the reversal success rate to approximately 80%, according to urologist Amir Zarrabi from Stellenbosch University’s faculty of medicine and...
  6. Z

    Buy/import AHCC

    Hi I'm looking for an immune booster supplement that can assist in well being of cancer patients amoung other benefits. The supplement is called AHCC, apparently this is an over the counter supplement overseas. Unfortunately this does not seem to be available in South Africa. Does...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Mobile phones and power lines won’t harm you

    Mobile phones and power lines won’t harm you: research New evidence suggests that power lines and mobile phones do not cause physical harm to humans
  8. M

    How much water should you drink a day?

    How much water should you drink a day?
  9. J

    Anyone heard of a 'quantum' health machine : 'Sclera'?

    So I've heard of a 'quantum' health machine that's doing the rounds here in Cape Town and surrounds, some call it the 'Sclera'. Anyone else hear of this machine that people (perhaps blindly) believe in? Quote from the first linked article...
  10. C

    Nanny is HIV+

    We have just hired a new nanny (since 1 Sep 2014) to look after our 3 month old baby full time in our house. She got sick and landed in hospital last Sunday (Still there) and yesterday we found out she is HIV+ and has Spinal cord TB. She is very ill and we don't know how advanced she is or how...
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Doctors want more from Apple Watch

    Doctors want more from Apple Watch Technology pundits were quick to predict the demise of most fitness wristbands and smartwatches when Apple Inc launched its Apple Watch. But healthcare professionals and fitness junkies were left wanting to see more
  12. A

    I have chrons disease(inflammatory bowel disease)plz read

    hey guys,i have started this thread as i believe chrons disease doesnt get enough exposure.i am 25&was recently diagnosed with chrons disease. Chrons disease is a form of inflammatory bowel disease and consists of the following: *chronic inflammation anywhere between the mouth to anus...
  13. J

    Mobile fitness classes

  14. Rouxenator


    Who else does this from time to time? I have done three and the vibe seems nice and relaxed, considering it is only 5km it does look like a nice and more social way of doing a workout.
  15. T

    Does Cell Tower radiation pose a risk to our health?

    Hi All My son (Gr7) is doing a school science project and has decided on doing a project on Cell Tower Radiation and Related health risks. Quite a contentious issue currently. Could you please help by doing a quick survey (7 questions). I will make the stats...
  16. QuintonB

    Wi-Fi not posing health risks: research

    WiFi will not kill kids or teachers: research New research found that WiFi in schools does not pose a health risk to children or staff
  17. jes

    Your cellphone won't kill you: new research

    Your cellphone won't kill you: new research A new smartphone may break the bank, but at least new research shows that it will not increase your risk of developing cancer
  18. R

    Best Cortisone for Keloids.

    I had a very bad accident, tore my upper lip. now its all healed well, but keloids have formed and its thick tissue any help on who is the best dermatologist... because i was told that a plastic surgeon in Chatsworth , administers UK Imported cortisone and each injection is R1000:sick: ...
  19. P

    The Most Stupid Question Ever...

    So I know you guys are going to think me a total dumb-ass but... Is it possible that extensive hours of programming over a week or 3 can be detrimental to ones mental or physical health? (I work out 2 x a week, and work my regular job during the week days) But weekends and almost every other...
  20. L

    Flu vaccine helps unravel complex causes of narcolepsy

    Source: New Scientist Journal Reference: Science Translational Medicine, DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3007762 Very sad. Parents and people doing what they believe is best for their children and themselves only to find out later that it's resulted in narcolepsy for the rest of their lives...