1. S

    Limpopo/Mpumalanga day hikes and accommodation June/July 2018

    So I've always been toying with the idea of road tripping out that way. The footage on TV and the web have always intrigued me and I'd like to get up there next winter. I believe the heat is bearable then and hiking-activities for me anyway are best suited in cooler weather. So I have...
  2. ezron

    Garmin Fenix 3 Advice

    Hi. I am looking at getting a Garmin Fenix 3. Was wondering if the community could help a brother out with some advise. I will be wearing this watch as my every day watch. I will be using it for normal exercise in the gym (cardio and weightlifting), and a lot of hiking (5 days +). My...
  3. zaidmo

    The 5 Day Otter Trail Hike

    Hi All, I've finally published a comprehensive day-by-day guide to the Otter Trail with plenty of photos and videos: http://travpacker.com/the-5-day-otter-trail-hike-in-south-africa/ It includes a link to the preparation guide that I published 2 weeks ago. Enjoy, and all the best to those...
  4. zaidmo

    Preparation for hiking the Otter Trail

    Hey All. I've hiked the Otter Trail 4 times (over the past 4 years) and I'm booked again for next year. The trail is just too amazing. I've finally decided to prepare a guide to hiking it if anyone is interested (using input and media from my friends who have been on the trip with me over the...
  5. StrontiumDog

    Anyone hiking in the Salomon Men's Speedcross 3 CS Trail Running Shoes?

    I'm pretty much a hiking noob and I'm thinking of getting these Salomons for hikes up table mountain, lion's head and devil's peak, etc... R1,800 seems to be the going price, e.g. Sportmans and Cape Union Mart when I checked last. Anyone using them for these types of hikes? How are they? I...
  6. Z

    Hiking Group in Cape Town

    Hello fellow Capetonians, So, my New Year's resolution is to get fit, and I'm planning on doing the Otter Trail next year so I need to get going. I'm looking for fellow nerds who want to get away from their PCs and go on hikes in and around Cape Town with me. Who are also not fit or maybe...
  7. LazyLion

    US Tourist Airlifted off Cape Town Peak

    A United States tourist was airlifted off Table Mountain on Thursday morning after losing her way on a hike, a Western Cape health department official said. Emergency medical services spokeswoman Keri Davids said a tour guide was walking near Kasteelspoort around 9am on Thursday when he heard...
  8. N

    Otter Trail

    So - some mates invited me and my wife to go on otter trail this coming November. Should be a blast, but I've never really been a hiker and don't know that much about things. Also - I don't like spiders. Any tips? :)
  9. S

    Hiking - Your favourite trail

    Have you got a favourite hiking trail? Post links and pictures of amazing Southern African hiking trails. I am looking for a moderate trail to do in May, 30-40 Km 2-3 day. Will be cool to see the trails others have done.
  10. N

    Otter Trail

    So, I will be doing the Otter in April. And I need some advice with equipment and in general. What's the bare minimum? Re-usability is a priority. 1. Backpack. I plan to buy a 65 L K-Way Advance, on special. The Deuters are very nice but too pricey. 2. Shoes. I have both Kilimnajaro...
  11. G

    Free hiking trails near joburg

    So finances are tight but me and the wife still needs to get out on the weekends. Are there any good FREE(or really cheap) hiking trails near joburg we can go explore? Please, it should be safe and preferably not really crowded or frequented by the drunk and loud crowd.
  12. E

    The hiking thread!

    Cool, so this is a new hobby that I'm starting. I'm looking to do a couple half day / day hikes twice a month, and maybe look at doing a multi-day hike every 6 months or so. I was thinking it would be a great idea to start a thread where everyone can share where to go and any tips they might...
  13. Zenbaas

    .....Hiking Boots...!

    Hi I am looking for a place/store that sells hiking boots at a reasonable price. I have visited all the usual suspects ie. sportsmans, outdoor warehouse, Cape union mart and due south. They all have very hefty prices on their boots which are just out of my price range. According to Cape...
  14. Lycanthrope

    Canadian couple stabbed in South Africa

    Source: CBC News Urgh... What a crap time of year to get stabbed (as if there's ever a "good" time). Also, I hardly think that crimes should be "extra uber not allowed" just because of the World Cup, they should be "extra uber not allowed" all the time! At least they're both okay, but...
  15. hawker

    Good Hiking Locations - Gauteng

    Ok, so I write my final exam on friday. I wanna go hiking, any good places to go in Gauteng?:D