1. justblazethe1st

    PayPal and International Purchases

    Okay quick questions, i'm going to be buying something on alibaba and i have an option to use paypal and since i have like $50 in there i might as well use it. My question is when it comes down to sending invoice to the courier guys for customs clearance am i going to have a problem?
  2. J

    Importing guitar amps

    I know that you don't have to pay import duties when importing a stringed instrument, to SA. I just wanted to know if the same applies for guitar amps.
  3. B

    Buying From Gearbest

    Hi all! I've recently purchased a phone from Gearbest, and wanted to find out if what I've experienced thus far is normal. I bought the item on 26 December. I got an email on 4 January to say it had been shipped, and they gave me my Aramex (Middle East Express) tracking number. If you take a...
  4. MJG

    Alibaba shipping vs Local freight forwarder

    Hello. This will be my first time ordering from Alibaba. The supplier can ship the products for much cheaper than someone like Rohlig can. The cost difference is vast and am just wondering if anyone has any experience in this.
  5. MJG

    Importing from China

    Hi. I have a range of products that I want to import from China. I need to get quotes and get in touch with the factories that produce the products. I don't trust Alibaba at all. I am looking for advice on how to go about this or otherwise who can source these products and prices for me...
  6. D

    Post Office charging Customs Handling Fee on Imports

    I order little gadgets from China about once a month. Up to now I've only been charged import duties and/or VAT once or twice. I wouldn't mind paying so long as I know the rules. I assume I'm normally not charged because the packages are small and low value. So today I received 3 switches...
  7. R

    Registering Overseas motorcycle

    Hi All, I just wanted to find out if it is possible ot buy a motorcycle from overseas and have it registered here? the motorcycle is current in the country but without paperwork. Thanks
  8. Z

    How to import from GearBest and more

    Importing in SA (V1.6 Update 24/01/2019) This information is given without warranty or guarantee and you use it at your own risk. It might be bias but this is my view on things, so use it if you wish. We have learnt a lot about importing and would like to share this information. There are...
  9. Z

    Gadget Review YouTube Channel with Giveaways

    Good day All, I have been importing for over 10 years and would like to share the wisdom I have learnt. The aim is to also start a YouTube channel in SA, review gadgets, giveaway free stuff, Coupons for items available on GearBest and teach people how to import into SA and I can import for them...
  10. G

    Importing RX GPUs

    Has anyone imported Radeon RX graphic cards (for mining)? If so, where did you buy and did you pay import tax? From importing other electronics (laptop, phone, etc), I noticed that the post office often charges between 20 - 30% of the imported goods (instead of the standard 14% VAT). I asked...
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    How much you pay to bring in a parcel from overseas

    How much you pay to bring in a parcel from overseas When ordering an item from overseas, the cost can be inflated by customs duties. While a product may seem cheaper to order from an international retailer than from a local retailer, markups and ad valorem duties may end up making it a...
  12. N

    DJI Phantom Batteries

    Hi All I am looking at ordering a Phantom 4 Pro directly from DJI (Seems to come out quite a bit cheaper) however postbox courier ( are not able to bring in the LiPo batteries in if they are not part of the original kit (i.e. extra batteries). What is the...
  13. S

    Where can I buy Energy Drinks in Bulk? (Monster particularly)

    Hi Guys, I don't know the first thing about import/export. Or how retailers get their hands on their food & drink products. I'm just curious to know if and how I would go about buying Monster cans in bulk. I drink 1 or 2 every day, so I'd rather just buy tons instead of going to always buy...
  14. S

    Customs and Import Duties for Development Boards, e.g. RPi

    I would like to find out from those who have imported ARM development boards in connection with customs VAT and import duties. For example, what rates have you paid when importing boards such as the Raspberry Pi? I am asking because I am importing the Samsung Exynos 4412-based board on...
  15. F

    Order cheaper GPU/CPU from USA?

    So I'm looking to upgrade my current system to an i7 6700k, GTX 1070 build. As you all know it is very expensive to do this in SA.. The best price I could find was from Wootware and it was for around R14600.00 for the card and the processor, which is a lot of money. To compare I looked up the...
  16. J

    Can I have an IPad mailed to me?

    Hello, I just moved to ZA from the USA last week. My wife has an iPad with a cracked screen and I wanted to upgrade to the iPad pro next month. Apple products are insanely expensive here and I want to have one mailed from home. So I have a couple questions, if you don't mind helping. 1) can...
  17. C

    Importing Nutritional/Gym Supplements from USA

    I'm looking at importing a big shipment of Nutritional/Supplements from a distributor in the USA. 1.) Can anyone recommend a Logistics/Import company to use? 2.) What are the duties and other costs involved in importing these type of products? 3.) Time frame for delivery once ship leaves...
  18. C

    Buying an iPhone overseas

    I'm currently in Amsterdam, and I'm looking to buy an iPhone 6 since my s4 is a bit worn out. I can save around R2000 if I buy it here instead of SA. So I was wondering what I should take into consideration. Will it work in SA, and will I have warranty issues? If I crack the screen will they fix...
  19. B

    Importing Cards From USA to ZA

    Hi guys, so I want to import playing cards into ZA. I do plan on using DHL or Fedex. I was wondering how much extra I would need to pay as import tax. The website asks an extra R50 because it is outside of the USA, but how much am I going to need to pay the import tax services. I don't want it...
  20. R

    Where is the cheapest place to buy a PS4

    Iv been looking around for a while now, and have seriously considered purchasing from America. Reason being: 1. The Console is no longer region locked (NTSC & PAL) 2. Even with customs, it will still most probably turn out to be cheaper. You can get a console there for as little as $400...