1. J

    Can I have an IPad mailed to me?

    Hello, I just moved to ZA from the USA last week. My wife has an iPad with a cracked screen and I wanted to upgrade to the iPad pro next month. Apple products are insanely expensive here and I want to have one mailed from home. So I have a couple questions, if you don't mind helping. 1) can...
  2. C

    Importing Nutritional/Gym Supplements from USA

    I'm looking at importing a big shipment of Nutritional/Supplements from a distributor in the USA. 1.) Can anyone recommend a Logistics/Import company to use? 2.) What are the duties and other costs involved in importing these type of products? 3.) Time frame for delivery once ship leaves...
  3. C

    Buying an iPhone overseas

    I'm currently in Amsterdam, and I'm looking to buy an iPhone 6 since my s4 is a bit worn out. I can save around R2000 if I buy it here instead of SA. So I was wondering what I should take into consideration. Will it work in SA, and will I have warranty issues? If I crack the screen will they fix...
  4. B

    Importing Cards From USA to ZA

    Hi guys, so I want to import playing cards into ZA. I do plan on using DHL or Fedex. I was wondering how much extra I would need to pay as import tax. The website asks an extra R50 because it is outside of the USA, but how much am I going to need to pay the import tax services. I don't want it...
  5. R

    Where is the cheapest place to buy a PS4

    Iv been looking around for a while now, and have seriously considered purchasing from America. Reason being: 1. The Console is no longer region locked (NTSC & PAL) 2. Even with customs, it will still most probably turn out to be cheaper. You can get a console there for as little as $400...
  6. swb

    Importing and shipping assistance [Startup]

    I'm in the process of importing niche motorcycle accessories and replacement parts from South America and China. The products are all priced within R300 to R800 and are the size of a shoebox and smaller, weighing anything from 1kg to under 5kg. I've done all my market research and have...
  7. N

    Importing Laptop: Experience, cost, viable

    As the title thread says, I am considering importing a laptop from the US. I've been struggling to find the same level of quality vs. price that companies there offer compared to what we're getting here. So I would like to know from anyone that has imported a laptop from the US before on what...
  8. F

    Nice Post from Unotelly on how to import goods from US to ZA

    Hi, Thought its worth while for those who don't know and want some gadgets and goods which you can't find here. HERE
  9. Rouxenator

    Rare cars on SA road

    It would be nice to see some pics of cars you don't see often on SA roads. Let me start. Been eyeing this one for a while now, looks pretty sweet even if it is a VW. My guess would be that it's a British import. 3-Door Golf 4
  10. N

    B&H Photo Video (USA)

    Hi, Anyone have experience buying from B&H Photo Video based in NY, USA. I've heard from a friend that they're pretty good and deliver to SA. Their prices are really cheap. Any issues I should consider, customs, etc. Looking at a Sony Nex-F3 Mirroless as a...
  11. Rouxenator

    I actually saw a Subaru that looks good!

    So after years of boring me with their bland designs and Kombi-like engine noise, I finally saw a Scooby that looks and sounds good. Must have been an import from Japan because I could hardly believe it when I saw it had a Subaru badge on it :
  12. S

    Raspberry Pi Taxes?

    Did anyone else pay taxes on importing their Raspberry Pi? I just got a collection slip from the post office and there is a R416.46 fee attached to it! Not a chance in hell I'm paying more for taxes than for the Pi.
  13. Rouxenator

    Saw my dream car (not availavle in SA) in my neighbourhood !

    Went for a jog and after 6km as I was finishing I thought a saw it from a distance. Initially I though, no its probably a Renault or something that looks close to it. Maybe I am hallucinating or something? But as I got closer... Seems like some lucky person from Gauteng got their hands on a...
  14. T

    Buying a Laptop from the USA

    Hey there guys, I need some help on finding the best way to purchase and receive a really good laptop deal from the States. The laptop in question is I'd like to know if it would be possible and still feasible for me to...
  15. D

    Thinking about buying photographic equipment from overseas - Opinions ?

    Hey Guys Now I am thinking about bringing photographic equipment in from either USA or UK. Been looking at the overseas sites and ebay, and ebay has some brilliant prices but obviously there the important things to worry about. Foreign land Import Duties Speed of delivery and What will...
  16. LazyLion

    Should I buy an iPhone or iPad in the USA?

    I'm going to be there in 20 days. I know I will find it cheaper there than here. But is there any point? Will I have to jailbreak it to bring it back to SA? I would rather not have to do that. If I can buy it and bring it back here and have it work out of the box... that would be great!
  17. B

    importing an iPhone 4 from the US - will it work in SA?

    I'm considering importing an iPhone 4. Will it work on SA's cell networks? e.g. are they blocked? ar ethere any compatibility issues I should be aware of? etc. seems that they are soon available without the contact obligation...
  18. PhreakBoy

    Export/Import sms

    Hi all, Still trying to find my feet with the new phone. I tried googling this, but can't seem to get a straight forward answer. I have about 100 sms' on my Sony Ericsson that I would like to move across to my iPhone? I don't wat to forward them as they all would then show as coming...
  19. S

    Import duty on iphone 3GS bought from ebay US

    Hi friends, I am searching for the import duty prices all over the net but didn't find any... so m writing this post so every one can share their experience. i am thinking of buying a iphone 3GS 16GB from ebay US now the total amount of the iphone is $685 handset price + $35 shipping...
  20. DJ...

    Father Xmas may not be visiting SA this year...

    I just received this by email now from a very reliable source, following yesterday's debacle with trucks being impounded and imports being held by customs: Basically government has rushed through legislation banning an international standard of transport (and might I add popular and...