insurance claims

  1. C

    Insurance bullies

    Hi there. My mother was involved in an accident with an insured of a certain commercial insurer. There was a wealth of witnesses, some having had to chase the man down as they thought that he was making a run for it. They rejected my mother's third party claim on the basis of her being at...
  2. P

    Transfer of ownership for a car written off by insurance.

    Hi, My girlfriend recently crashed her car. Her insurance has written off the car claiming that the damage was more than 40% the value of the car and it was not economical to fix. She has spent the last week trying to sort things out between her bank and her insurance. Trying to deal with...
  3. W

    3rd Party Claim

    Hi there Can you please advise me? I was involved in a car crash (there were no injuries) just a few weeks ago. I did not have car insurance at that time and the other lady was at fault so i'm going to claim from her insurance. The insurance advised me to get three qoutations from different...
  4. E

    Discovery Insurance claims and service

    Hi Folks, being a first time claimer for a burglary at home, I've had nothing but bad service from Discovery Insure. What has been your experience with Discovery, when submitting claims? Specifically when it comes to communications and how long it took to get your claim settled?
  5. A

    Car insurance claim- can I request car to be written off?

    Can anyone assist. My car was in an accident lately and there seems to be structural axel damage. The value of car is insured for 76k and quote from panel beater is 60k... It appears insurance is getting part quotes from assessors. Would car not just be written off? And as I don't feel...
  6. M

    Opinions/Experiences with Discovery Insure (for car/household/building insurance)

    I'm investigating moving to Discovery Insure (for car/household/building insurance), since I have my medical aid and life policy (through my employer), it seems to only make sense to explore the option. With some of the incentives they have in place it even makes better sense, such as fuel...
  7. A

    Insurance Claim Question

    Short of the long, I spilled tea into my laptop and it died. Fortunately it was insured and my insurance company have assessed the machine and have approved the claim. My problem is that they seem to be trying to force me to replace it through them, instead of paying me the assessed amount...
  8. P

    Motor vehicle insurance claim

    Hi Guys I was involved in a accident, well my car was. My car was ridden into in a parking lot whilst it was parked therefore his fault which he has admitted too. I am now in a process of a 3rd party claim which his insurance will cover the damages and repairs. My car a 6 month old new Ford...
  9. C

    Wheel not turning

    Hi hope someone who knows something about carss can assist me. On new year I had a little accident traveling from a friends lil get together in sandton going home to benoni, so the quickest route according to maps on my phone was to pass throgh alaxandra township through 13th ave to join...
  10. dam

    I crashed my cousins car

    It is insured for a designated driver which is me, but the problem is that I have been driving the car for almost a year now and they (her insurer) say that could affect the claim. Now I could have easily just said that I only had the car for a short while but I wont lie and now I'm worried...
  11. phoneJunky

    General insurance question

    I recently had an argument with someone about insurance and after reading the fine print of my policy I still don't have proof that I am correct (Which I may not be by the way, but I feel I am right). Okay, here is the scenario - You call one of the insurance companies and you give them all...
  12. Creag

    Don't be held to ransom by unauthorised tow-truck drivers

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